What is the Student Ambassador Program?

As a graduate or PhD student, this academic program assists you in furthering your research. It provides opportunities for you to share your expertise and experience with other students, data scientists, and developers in the community.


Program Benefits

If you are one of the select students invited to the program, the benefits include:

  • Formal association with Intel via branded swag and the student ambassador title
  • Direct access to the Intel® AI DevCloud to power the development and training of deep learning models
  • Access to early disclosure information (under a non-disclosure agreement) during monthly meetings with Intel
  • Opportunities to connect with Intel engineers and ask them questions about your work and the adoption and integration of Intel® architecture
  • Exclusive support to create, write, and publish your technical content on Intel's website
  • Travel support, speakership opportunities, and opportunities to train others
  • Sponsored funds to assist in hosting, training, and speaking sessions at your campus to promote your work

Roles & Responsibilities

You can continue as a student ambassador as long as you want to or until your graduation, whichever comes first. As a student ambassador, you are expected to:

  • Publish two technical articles on the Intel® Developer Zone relating to your work
  • Create an online profile and post one fully completed project to Developer Mesh, including content, images, and links to repositories
  • Be a host or speaker at one or more Ambassador Labs on campus or at local MeetUps
  • Showcase your projects and research to a total of 125 students or more over the course of the year