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AI is about to impact everyone in intriguing new ways. Position your development at the forefront of AI with Intel. Discover technology, tools, education, and resources to help you create a bold new future.

Upcoming Events

Discover emerging trends in machine learning and artificial intelligence featuring topics ranging from climate science to memory to music discovery and more.

This free webinar covers the architecture and features of the BigDL open-source distributed deep-learning library for Apache Spark*.

Join technology experts to learn how Intel helps to accelerate AI. See how Intel's flexible portfolio of technologies helps enable data scientists and developers to build innovative AI solutions.

Join AI experts and mentors to learn how Intel's flexible portfolio of technologies can help enable data scientists to explore new ideas and develop AI solutions.

Get a comprehensive view of Intel-optimized scikit-learn and pyDAAL,with examples, followed by an introduction to the new Intel® Deep Learning SDK.

Learn how to use the Intel® Deep Learning SDK to easily train and deploy deep-learning models for image and text analysis problems.

PyCon is the largest annual gathering for developers of the Python* programming language. Join us to see how Python has been applied in machine learning projects and learn about the Intel® Distribution of Python.

Find out how Julia is fast becoming a language of choice for high-performance and high-scalability applications in machine learning and deep learning.