iTooch TOEFL Prep by eduPad

Learning English is no easy task. Yet with the iTooch TOEFL™ Prep app by eduPad, featured on Ultrabook™ devices and Windows* 8 tablets with an Intel® Atom™ processor, English language learners get a powerful new way to study for the TOEFL™ exam.

Featuring the largest collection of questions based on the U.S. National Standards to prepare the TOEFL test, iTooch TOEFL Prep provides a comprehensive, immersive learning experience. It provides more than 1,500 exercises that help both students and teachers identify and address English learning needs in fun and motivating ways. Plus, it features five chapters that cover different facets of learning English, including: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking and Tips.

When developing iTooch TOEFL Prep, eduPad utilized the resources available to Intel® Software Partners, which includes assistance with business planning, product development and optimization, marketing and more. The company was able to take advantage of Intel tools, code and support to optimize this app for the powerful capabilities of Ultrabook devices. Plus, eduPad received additional insight from the communities in the Intel® Developer Zone.

“The assistance we received from Intel was very helpful, especially during the development of this app,” said Jerome Serre, CEO of eduPad.

The combination of Intel® Core™ processors, visually rich display and touch capabilities featured in Ultrabook devices offers a powerful new way to learn English.

“Having a multi-faceted approach to learning English through Ultrabook devices is very helpful for our users,” Serre said.

Due to the support from Intel, eduPad is looking into new opportunities for apps that take advantage of the capabilities of Ultrabook devices.

“Ultrabook devices provide innovative new ways to learn that can blur the lines between school and home, play and studying,” Serre noted. “We will continue to look at new ways to achieve this through upcoming apps.

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