Intel® Premier Support Frequently Asked Questions

Note: You should not leave support questions in comments. Please submit your questions to the  download registration and licensing forum or submit your questions to Intel(R) Premier Support (IPS). Please see this article on where to submit download registration or licensing issues. 

What is Intel Premier Support?

Intel® Premier Support is an interactive web site where Intel® Software Development Product customers can do the following:

  • Submit questions, problems, and other technical support issues
  • Monitor previously-submitted issues.

Where is Intel Premier Support?

Visit Intel® Premier Support

Who is eligible for Intel® Premier Support?

Every purchase of an Intel® Software Development Product includes a year of support services, which provides access to Intel® Premier Support.

If you currently access support services, you can download any version of the software from Intel Registration Center, and you can submit questions and problems on your product through the Intel Premier Support web site.

Once your support services have expired, downloads are only available to you for product versions with a Build Date on or before your license Support Expiration date. Intel's policy is to restrict your account from submitting new questions to Intel® Premier Support, but you will still be able to view and communicate on your previous Intel Premier Support issues. As soon as the expired product license has been renewed, access will be restored for downloads of all product versions, and for submitting new issues to Intel Premier Support for entitled products. You can submit issues to the user forums regardless of whether your support services have expired.

A login is required. If I don't have a login, how do I obtain one?

If you have registered your Intel Software Development Product, your registration log-in should apply to Intel Premier Support as well.

If you have not registered your product, go to the Intel® Registration Center and register (product serial number required).

If you have registered, but you did not select the free technical support, return to the Intel Registration Center, log-in, re-register the same serial number and email address in the Register a Product box, and choose the Support Account link on the Serial Number Information page.

If you still have problems signing up for support, contact us.

Obtaining product updates

Product updates are now available from the Intel Registration Center.

  1. Login to the Intel Registration Center by entering your log-in ID and password in the Log-in section on the right-side of the web page.
  2. Click the link under Download Latest Update for the product of interest.
  3. A detailed description of the files included in the product will be displayed. Click on the hyperlink for each file you wish to download.

If your current license has not expired, you do not need a different license file. Your license will be detected by the install and will work with releases created during your support service period.

For support service license purchase/ renewal information, please go to the Purchasing Information site.

How do I submit an issue to Intel® Premier Support?

To submit an issue, you must log in to Intel Premier Support. If you do not have a log-in account, please refer to Register for Intel Premier Support.

Once you have logged in, you will be shown your open issues on the home screen. Follow these steps to submit an issue:

  1. To begin, click the Submit Issue button on the home screen.
  2. In Step 1 you will select a product and a contact for the issue.  You can hover your mouse over the product selection and contact selection areas for details about each.
    1. To select a product, begin typing into the Search Products field. After three characters have been entered, a results list will be created of all product that match the search string. If you cannot find the product using search, click the Browse Catalogs link to display all your products in a hierarchical tree.

      NOTE: Only product for which you have access will be displayed in the search results and the browse catalogs tree.

    2. Typically, the contact will automatically select you.
  3. ​​Now press the Next button.
  4. Step 2 of submitting an issue is entering the issue details. Issue detail fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are required fields. Every new issue requires a title, customer priority and description. In addition, you may enter a Customer Reference ID if you have a tracking number from your own internal system that you would like to include with the issue. Customer Reference ID is a searchable field.
    1. To attach a file to your issue, use the Attach File section of the Issue Details step.
    2. Press Next to proceed to the final step.
  5. Step 3 of the issue submission process is to review the details and submit the issue. On the Review and Submit screen, you may optionally select additional contacts for the issue. You may want to do this so that colleagues can see the status of your issue.

    NOTE: adding a contact gives that individual full read/write access to the issue as well as visibility to all notification emails.

    NOTE: the ability to add contacts is only available to customers who have been added to their company account. If you have colleagues who are already in the company account, please submit a separate issue requesting to be added to your company account in Intel Premier Support.

  6. When you are satisfied with the information entered, press the Submit button.
  7. Once you submit the issue, the new issue will be displayed in your list of open issues on the home screen.

NOTE: to submit your download, registration, or licensing issues, please note that the pseudo product “Download, Licensing and Registration” is no longer available and you should just submit start-up issues against the product with which you are experiencing the problem. For more details, please read this article.

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