Intel(R) Fortran Compiler System Requirements

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This document provides details about hardware, operating system, and software prerequisites for the Intel® Fortran Compiler.

Hardware Requirements
CPU Processors

    • Intel® Core™ Processor family
    • Intel® Xeon® Processor family
    • Intel® Xeon® Scalable Performance processors
  • Accelerators: (next generation code generator only, [-/]qnextgen, ifx)
    • Intel® integrated graphics (GEN9) or greater. Also refer to wikipedia GEN9 for details.
  • 8GB of RAM recommended
  • 14GB free disk space for all features

Software Requirements

The Intel® Fortran compiler is included in the Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit which requires Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit.

Linux* OS

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux* 7.x
  • CentOS 7.x
  • Ubuntu* 16.04 LTS, 18.04 LTS
  • Fedora* 29
  • SuSE LINUX Enterprise Server* 12, 15
  • Debian* 9.0
  • For OpenMP TARGET (next generation code generator only, [-/]qnextgen, ifx)
    • Ubuntu 18.04.3 x64, 19.10
      • Linux* kernel 4.11 or higher deployments are expected
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux* 8.x
      • Linux* kernel 4.11 or higher deployments are expected
    • SLES 15 SP1
      • Linux* kernel 4.11 or higher deployments are expected
    • CentOS 8
      • Linux* kernel 4.11 or higher deployments are expected
    • Fedora 31
    • gcc v5.1 or above
    • OpenCL drivers required to be installed
  • Linux Developer tools component installed, including gcc, g++ and related tools. (This is the list of component versions tested by Intel; other versions may or may not work and are not recommended
    • gcc 4.4 to gcc 7
    • binutils 2.20 to binutils 2.29
  • Library is required in order to use the -traceback option. Some Linux distributions may require that it be obtained and installed separately.


  • Microsoft* Windows* 10
  • Microsoft* Windows Server* 2016
  • Microsoft* Windows Server* 2019

Note: only a limited subset of operating systems are supported for offload to supported accelerators

  • Microsoft* Windows* 10 x64
  • Microsoft* Windows* 2019

Developer Tools Requirements

  • To use the Microsoft Visual Studio* development environment or command-line tools to build IA-32 or Intel® 64 architecture applications:
    • Microsoft Visual Studio* 2017 Professional Edition (or higher edition) or Microsoft Visual Studio* Community 2017 with 'Desktop development with C++' component installed
    • Microsoft Visual Studio* 2019 Professional Edition or with 'Desktop development with C++' component installed
  • To use command-line tools only to build Intel® 64 architecture applications:
    • Microsoft Build Tools* 2017
  • For OpenMP TARGET (next generation code generator only, [-/]qnextgen, ifx)


  • macOS 10.15 Catalina
  • Xcode 11

In order to gain all functionality and optimal performance with Intel® oneAPI for macOS* we recommend installing both the Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit AND the Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit. Both toolkits should be downloaded and installed for optimal performance and to obtain all available Intel Performance Libraries. Please refer to the Installation Guide for Intel® oneAPI Toolkits for obtaining and installing both toolkits.

There is no OpenMP TARGET support with macOS.

Fortran Integration into Xcode removed

Xcode integration capabilities within our Fortran Compiler bundle have been removed. Command line interface remains fully functional for macOS.

Keep in mind that installation of Xcode is still recommended, as command line tools from Xcode are required by the command line compiler. However, you can install just the Xcode Command Line Tools with this command from a terminal window:

xcode-select --install


  • The Intel® compilers are tested with a number of different Linux distributions, with different versions of gcc. The version of glibc you use must be consistent with the version of gcc in use. For best results, use only the gcc versions as supplied with distributions listed above.
  • Compiling very large source files (several thousands of lines) using advanced optimizations such as -O3, -ipo and -qopenmp, may require substantially larger amounts of RAM.
  • Some optimization options have restrictions regarding the processor type on which the application is run. Please see the documentation of these options for more information.

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