Intel® Dynamic Application Loader

To download the SDK, contact your Intel® representative.

The Intel® Dynamic Application Loader (Intel® DAL) is a unique feature of Intel® platforms that is available on many form factors, including workstations, desktops, notebooks, tablets, and IoT devices. Use it to run small portions of Java* code on Intel® Converged Security and Management Engine firmware.

Host Applications

Occasionally, applications that run on the host operating system need to perform tasks that require a high level of security. Instead of running the code or storing the data in memory that is accessible to the operating system, the host application uses an applet. The applet executes the work in the secure Intel DAL environment, which is protected from hacking.


Design and create a small Java applet for your users to install on the Intel® Management Engine firmware. This applet contains robust security functions that run whenever called upon by your host application.


Intel DAL includes:

  • Native implementations of common encryption libraries
  • Secure screen output, network communication, and data storage

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