The MAX® II CPLD family from Intel is an instant-on, non-volatile CPLD family based on a groundbreaking architecture that targets general-purpose, low-density logic and portable applications, such as cellular handset design. The MAX® II CPLD drives power improvements to higher densities, enabling you to use a MAX® II CPLD in place of a higher power ASSP and/or standard-logic CPLD. With the introduction of MAX® II Z CPLD, there are now three variants that all use the same innovation CPLD architecture.



The MAX® II CPLDs offer architectural and board management features to optimize ease of use and system integration. The MAX® II CPLD enables a high level of functional integration to reduce system design costs.

Design Tools

Download Literature and Early Power Estimator

You can download the most commonly referenced MAX® II literature or simply browse through all of the MAX® II CPLD-related documents.

FPGA Design Software and Development Tools

Intel® Quartus® development software, customer acclaimed as easy to learn and even easier to use, allows you to exceed your performance goals, complete your design faster, and meet power budgets for your next-generation system designs by taking full advantage of the benefits of MAX® II CPLDs.

Check out What's New in Intel® Quartus Prime Software for the latest features and new devices supported in the Intel® Quartus® Prime Software II. For details on how Intel® Quartus Prime software supports MAX® II CPLDs in particular, see easiest-to-use design software for CPLDs.


Whether designing for communications, consumer, computing, or industrial applications, MAX® II CPLDs offer low power, making them the ideal solution for complex control applications.

MAX® II CPLD Applications

Common control path functions can be divided into four main categories: interface bridging, I/O expansion, system configuration, and power-up sequencing.

Application Description
Interface Bridging Translate bus protocols and voltages between incompatible devices.
I/O Expansion Perform I/O decoding, increasing the available I/O on an ASSP or microcontroller easily.
System Configuration and Initialization Control the configuration or initialization of volatile devices.
Power-Up Sequencing Manage the correct power-up sequencing for other devices on the board.
General-Purpose Logic MAX II features that serve general-purpose logic needs.
Portable Applications MAX® II Z CPLDs make portable applications possible in the most demanding environments.
Wide-Input Functions Implementing Wide-Input Functions in MAX® II CPLDs.

Documentation and Support

Find technical documentation, videos, and training courses for your MAX® II CPLD designs.