How to Create a Support Request at the Online Service Center

已发布:03/20/2017   最后更新时间:08/27/2020

If you have purchased an Intel® Software Development Tools product, please go to the Intel® Registration Center to register your product and obtain a support account. You will receive priority support at the Online Service Center website for the duration of your support period.

Requesting Support

If you qualify for Priority Support and need to create a support ticket, go to the Priority Support page and click the Online Service Center button.

Online Service Center

Click Request Support.

If you are not already logged in, you will be asked to sign into the system. Make sure to use the same login ID and password you use to access the Intel Registration Center (IRC). If you have not registered your product and do not have an Intel account, it is recommended that you do that first. You can also create an Intel account at this time by choosing Create an account.

Step 1: Selection

1A. Choose: I need help with “A product service I already own or use”

1B. Choose: How would you like to find your product or service? “Search for a product or service by name”

1C. In the search box, type in a portion of the name or component product name for which you want support:

Choose the most appropriate product for your support request. Please note that Intel® Performance Libraries are under their full product name (e.g., Intel® Math Kernel Library, not MKL)

1D. Alternatively select "Choose from a list". Then select "Software > Development Software" to see a list of our products and choose the one to which you want support.

Step 2: Request

Answer the first two questions. If you answer, “yes” to either question, please do not attach any files to the support request.

In the “What steps have you taken to troubleshoot this issue?” dialog box, please describe your issue or question. All support is provided in English.

Step 3: Details

Request Support Details Step

Specific questions will be asked based on the product selected. Not all fields are required.

If your question is related to Download, Registration, or Licensing, be sure to answer "yes" to this specific question.

You can attach files up to 2 GB. If you need to provide a larger size file, please let the support agent know that in the description.

Customer Improvement Program Question

You are not required to enter an answer for the Customer improvement program. This question is regarding the support tool not the Intel® Software Development Tools.

Please read the privacy policy, and then click Submit Request.

Step 4: Confirmation

Request Support Confirmation

The support request number is displayed. You will also receive an email with the support request number.

Upon submission, the case is routed to a specific Product Queue for an Agent to pick up. Requests are handled during normal business days, Monday - Friday.

Online Service Center Support History

You can return to the Online Service Center to check the status of your open support requests and see updates from Intel. You can also respond to the email notifications you receive to provide additional information on your support request.



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