SMI Transfer Monitor (STM)

发布日期: 09/03/2019   最近更新日期: 09/03/2019

This capability is a virtualization agent called the SMI Transfer Monitor (STM) that runs in system management mode (SMM).

The STM is ideally suited to work with an Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel® TXT) launch, but the recently released specification includes chapter 12 of STM User Guide V1.0 PDF for a VT-only usage. This allows for investigation and research around this technology on any system with Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT) support, such as with the MinnowBoard* Max.

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Download STM Firmware

GitHub*: jyao1/STM (latest up to date version).

How to Build: Readme.

Previous: STM Release 1.01(3 MB, ZIP). 


A Tour Beyond BIOS Launching STM to Monitor SMM in EDK II (Aug 2015). Describes the reference implementation of the STM Release 1.0.

STM Users Guide 1.0 (Aug 2015) (1 MB, PDF).

A Tour Beyond BIOS Launching a VMM in EFI Developer Kit II (Oct 2015). This is a description of the FRM in the portion of the release.



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