Parallel Universe Magazine - Issue 44, April 2021

提交时间: April 19, 2021
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  • Letter from the Editor: And the Oscar Goes to: The Intel® Embree Ray Tracing Library! by Henry A. Gabb, Senior Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation
  • Winners Announced for the oneAPI Great Cross-Architecture Challenge
  • Reduction Operations in Data Parallel C++ 
    Implementing and Tuning the Common Reduction Parallel Pattern
  • Implementing the Fourier Correlation Algorithm Using oneAPI
    Performing Complex Mathematical Operations with Just a Few Lines of DPC++ and oneMKL
  • Using oneAPI to Speed Up the Finite-Difference Method
    Migrating a CUDA-Based Stencil Computation to DPC++
  • Advanced Ray Tracing APIs Proposed for the oneAPI Specification
    “Write Once” High-Fidelity Ray Tracing across Multiple Vendors’ Accelerators
  • oneTBB Flow Graph and the OpenVINO™ Inference Engine
    Expressing Dependencies across Deep Learning Models in C++
  • Optimization of Scan Operations Using Explicit Vectorization
    Exploiting AVX-512 SIMD Instructions to Accelerate Prefix Sum Computations



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