System Analyzer

Isolate common bottlenecks that affect your game's performance in real time.

Graphics Trace Analyzer

Identify where you can evenly distribute workloads across the CPU and GPU.

Graphics Frame Analyzer

Visualize multiframe stream captures and select a frame to analyze down to the draw call level.

What's New: Release 2021.1

  • Analyze complex scenes using Microsoft DirectX* 12 and DirectX* 11 (technical preview) multiframe stream profiling
  • Identify and resolve synchronization issues for CPU threads
  • Added functionality to the Intel® GPA framework:
    • Improved support to analyze DirectX 12 workloads (Gold version)
    • Improved support to analyze DirectX 11 workloads (technical preview)
    • Enabled query-based metrics collection on platforms with multiple Intel GPUs

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Engine Partners

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