Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector

MPI Profiling for Cluster Applications

What Customers are Saying

"Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector for Linux helped to drastically improve the performance of RIKEN's molecular dynamics cluster software. We were able to shorten MPI communication time by half by finding and removing bottlenecks with nonblocking communication patterns. Since Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector can embed instrumentation into the program, we can tell the execution time of each function and its load balance, which enabled us to very easily understand where to optimize. Intel® MPI Library and Intel® Cluster Tools provide us the best cluster development environment."

—Dr. Takhiro Koishi, RIKEN

"Our FEKO* electromagnetics code runs on various parallel environments (for example, clusters of different sizes, shared memory machines) and utilizes complex numerical algorithms that are nontrivial to parallelize. Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector has proven to be a very valuable tool to help understand FEKO parallel communication patterns, and consequently in optimizing the message-passing call that results in an extremely well-performing electromagnetics ISV cluster application."

—Dr. Ing Ulrich Jakobus, technical director, EM Software & Systems


Novosibirsk State University boosts its simulation tool’s performance by three times with Intel Parallel Studio, Intel® Advisor, and Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector.

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