Graphics Driver For Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit Now Available

Опубликовано:01/02/2020   Последнее обновление:01/02/2020

The official graphics driver for Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit (Base Kit) is now in public beta, starting with version Part of the Base Kit, the graphics driver is an essential piece in the core set of tools and libraries for building and deploying high-performance, data-centric applications across diverse architectures.

Intel’s oneAPI software initiative provides a unified and simplified programming model to deliver cross-architecture performance. If your code supports a diverse data-centric workload, it will be compatible across the breadth of Scalar (CPU), Vector (GPU), Matrix (AI), and Spatial (FPGA) architectures.

Specialized deep learning neural network processors (NNPs), high-performance computing (HPC) scenarios and AI workloads all demand diverse architectures. By simplifying your ability to harness the power of multiple computing environments in a single driver package, you can deliver unified and scalable abstraction today and tomorrow.

The Intel oneAPI Base Toolkit represents a fundamental architecture change that you need to investigate. Add this powerful software to your skillset today to help your code shine.

For more information, refer to the Intel® DevCloud for oneAPI Projects page.


Intel® Graphics - Windows® 10 DCH Drivers

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