Arduino Supports Intel®-Based Platforms and UP Squared*

By Ajay M Mungara, Amarnath Kona

Published:11/02/2017   Last Updated:11/02/2017

We are excited to announce the release of Arduino Create* support for commercial and production grade Intel®- based platforms for IoT and the UP Squared* Grove* IoT Development Kit!

Arduino Create* Support of Intel®-Based Platforms for IoT

We worked closely with Arduino* to bring the “easy to use” rapid prototyping capabilities to professional IoT developers using Intel®-based platforms to develop and deploy industry use cases. Our goal is to provide a consistent and simple software experience supporting a developer journey from prototype to product to deployment. With a combination of Intel® architecture support, Arduino Create platform, Ubuntu* and Wind River Pulsar* Linux* OS support, you now have access to an even more expansive set of tools, libraries, and code samples available for IoT development across verticals. Arduino Create now supports a very clear path to commercial deployment via product export to Intel® System Studio tool suite for solution optimization and debug. 

UP Squared* Grove* IoT Development Kit

The UP Squared* Grove* IoT Development Kit was a collaboration between AAEON*, Canonical*, SEEED*, Arduino* and Intel. It is a high performance kit that provides a clear path to production, simple set up and configuration with pre-installed Ubuntu OS, expanded I/O to help with rapid prototyping, and a means to incorporate complex and advanced libraries in an intuitive fashion. All bundled into one package along with prototyping sensors with a clear path to industrial grade sensors for commercial deployments. 
Here are some highlights:
  • Reduce set up time with native integration of UP Squared Grove Development Kit with Arduino Create
  • Pre-installed custom Ubuntu* Server 16.04 OS on the UP Squared Grove Development Kit
  • Simple getting started experience in Arduino Create for Intel®-based IoT platforms running Ubuntu on Intel® Atom, Intel® Core, or Intel® Xeon processors.  
  • Integrated libraries and SDKs such as UPM sensor libraries supporting over 400+ sensors, OpenCV, Intel® Math Kernel Library, Amazon Web Services (AWS)*, Microsoft Azure*, and more
  • Supports the ability to run multiple sketches / programs at the same time
  • Export your sketch to a CMake project providing an easy development bridge to Intel® System Studio 2018 
  • Integrates mraa, the hardware abstraction layer by Intel, into the Arduino core libraries enabling support for all Intel® platforms 
  • Coordinated with key partners to enable a robust path to commercial scalable deployments:
    • Intel offers a range of higher end processor family of products to migrate as the compute needs evolve with commercial deployments and offers an advanced software tool suite with Intel® System Studio for advanced optimization and debug tools  
    • AAEON* offers reduced lead times from development to mass production with UP Squared boards with complete customization services for your deployment needs  
    • Canonical* offers professional services to support through the solution deployment such as legal, image customization, factory process, training, and security  
    • SEEED* offers a simple migration path to industrial-grade sensor with customization services for mass production and scale  
    • Arduino* offers export feature to a CMake project for application optimization and debugging

What Makes this Combination of Hardware and Software so Powerful?

  • Use the UP Squared Grove Development Kit from prototyping to mass production
  • Access the power of Intel® architecture through simple device and project setup
  • Development made easy on the familiar Arduino environment with integrated examples and built-in libraries
  • Export to CMake project and bridge to Intel® System Studio for access to optimizations, analyzers and debug tools  

Use the UP Squared* Grove* Development Kit from Prototyping to Mass Production

This developer kit is ideal for building complex IoT deployments through rapid prototyping. It includes a single-board computer (the UP Squared board) pre-configured with Ubuntu 16.04 OS, and comes bundled with several common prototyping IoT sensors, including an LCD, rotary angle sensor, light sensor, button, temperature and humidity sensor, and an LED. The UP Squared Grove Development Kit can be deployed with a 3G or a M.2 2230 Wi-Fi kit and industrial grade chassis to enable production usages. The kit is available for purchase on

Access the Power of Intel® Architecture Through Simple Device and Project Setup

You can now easily get started building IoT solutions that demand high performance and compute using commercial grade hardware at the edge as easy as you would a simple ‘maker’ project at home. It can be done in a matter of minutes, and supports Linux class target devices for commercial solutions with the ability to manage your sketches remotely. The customized flow for the UP Squared Grove Development kit makes the setup even easier.

Development Made Easy on Familiar Arduino* Environment with Integrated Examples and Built-in Libraries

Arduino Create is a high performance, easy-to-use web based tool that enables you to develop your first IoT application in minutes thanks to the combination of a simple installation process, code sharing functionality, and the Arduino programming libraries. It includes examples specifically built for the UP Squared Grove IoT Dev Kit, as well as libraries such as OpenCV and Intel® Math Kernel Library (MKL).

Export to CMake Project and Bridge to Intel® System Studio for Access to Optimizations, Analyzers and Debug Tools

A new feature enables you to export your sketch as CMake project making it easy to bridge to more advanced tools such as Intel® System Studio 2018. Why export or bridge from Arduino Create? you now have access to :
  • Power and performance optimization capabilities
  • Advanced debug and trace tools
  • Optimized compilers and highly tuned libraries
We love to hear from you. Any and all input most welcome! 

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