ANSYS* Scales Simulation Performance

By Michael A Pearce,

Published: 07/13/2015   Last Updated: 07/13/2015

The Need for Speed in Simulation-Based Design

Engineering simulation software has changed how companies design products, enabling them to explore and test more design options faster, while reducing the need for physical prototyping. ANSYS software has played a central role in this transition and is now used by 96 of the top 100 industrial companies on the FORTUNE 500* list.

ANSYS* customers have an insatiable need for higher computing performance, so they can model and test bigger assemblies with greater fidelity. Many of them also want to generate deeper insights with each simulation, by integrating additional physics variables, exploring nonlinear and composite materials, and evaluating more complex and dynamic environmental conditions. Yet, fast time to results remains a critical factor for most customers to meet aggressive time-to-market requirements. As the size and complexity of the simulations grows, the speed and capacity of the computing platform must also grow.

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