Asparion’s Apps Offer Opportunities for Greater Productivity and Creativity

Published:12/31/2013   Last Updated:12/31/2013

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Asparion Provides Functional and Creative Apps that Engage Users of Windows* 8.1 tablets with Intel® Atom™ processors

As digital devices increasingly become integrated into our daily lives, developers are producing new tools that assist, entertain and enhance our lives in powerful ways.

Asparion has created a series of apps for Windows* 8.1 tablets with Intel® Atom™ processors that educate, inform and allow users to tap into their creative potential. The touch interface, high-resolution screen and powerful processing speeds of Windows* 8.1 tablets provide an exciting and innovative platform to both entertain and educate with the series of Asparion apps.

As an Intel® Software Partner, Asparion was able to optimize its apps for the unique capabilities of Windows* 8.1 tablets with Intel® Atom™ processors. The company accessed Intel tools, code, support and more in the Intel® Developer Zone to create apps that engage, entertain and assist.

“Intel was very supportive during the design process of our series of apps,” said Patrick Seitz, CEO of Asparion. “Our apps provide entertainment and greater functionality to new Windows* 8.1 tablets, allowing users to have fun and be more productive.”

Asparion’s apps range from practical digital clocks and calculators to digital instruments, with each one offering something new and exciting to the Windows* 8.1 tablet experience. They include:

Asparion Calculator
This simple calculator provides all the calculator functions you may need and supports the "snapped view", which allows users to resize the window to their specifications. Users can use the numeric keypad and change the calculator to a desired size.

Asparion Clock
An easy clock that displays the time in a tile. Users can choose the style, date and time format and customize it to their needs.

Asparion Clock+
A clock that allows users to choose the style, date and time format and customize. Users can create multiple tile clocks with different time zones.

Asparion UnitConverter+
Convert large numbers of units from many different categories in this handy unit converter. It features more than 300 different units, 21 categories and many different styles.

Asparion Periodic Table
This handy reference of the chemical elements reveals different chemical groups in multiple colors and allows users to zoom in and out.

Asparion Metronome
This digital metronome is a convenient resource for musicians that provides solid and regular beats. Users can change the BPM (beats per minute) and select one of the pre-defined bars, or add a custom bar.

Asparion Cowbell
The cowbell is a fun percussion instrument for a variety of styles, but especially for salsa. Users can play the different sounds of the cowbell with their fingers through the touch interface or keyboard of Windows* 8.1 tablets.

Asparion Bongo
Play the different sounds of bongo with your fingers right on the Windows* 8.1 tablet touchscreen or a keyboard. You can play four different sounds of traditional Cuban bongos.

Asparion Djembe
Access the beautiful sounds of Africa with the djembe drum through the touch screen or external keyboard of a Windows* 8.1 tablet.

Asparion Xylophone
Get 13 sounds of a musical xylophone right on the touch screen and keyboard of Windows* 8.1 tablets.

Asparion Speak
This fun and functional language app converts text to speech and enunciates words in 20 voices and languages.

Asparion has capitalized on the mobility, touch interface, high-resolution screen and Intel Atom processors of new Windows* 8.1 tablets to create a series of apps that are useful, playful and creative.

Asparion is a startup software development company based out of Karlsruhe, Germany. For more information visit:

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