C11 Support in Intel C++ Compiler

By Jennifer L Jiang, Anoop Madhusoodhanan Prabha

Published:08/26/2014   Last Updated:09/12/2017

The following C11 features are supported by Intel(R) C++ compiler that comes with Intel® Parallel Studio XE and Intel® System Studio.

C11 Language Feature Version 15.0 Version 16.0 Version 17.0 Version 18.0
Static Assert Yes Yes Yes Yes
Typedef redefinition - Yes Yes Yes
Anonymous struct and union - Yes Yes Yes
New macros in float.h - Yes Yes Yes
_Alignas, _Alignof,max_align_t,stdalign.h - Yes Yes Yes
_Atomic - - - Yes
Atomic operations - Yes Yes Yes
Macros for Complex values - Yes Yes Yes
Unicode strings - Yes Yes Yes
uchar.h - - - -
_Noreturn,stdnoreturn.h - Yes Yes Yes
_Generic - Yes Yes Yes
__STDC_VERSION__ == 201112L - Yes Yes Yes
_thread_local - Yes Yes Yes


1. The C11 features are only supported when GNU* gcc in path is 4.6 or higher.
2. On Linux: The C11 features supported by gcc on the path are enabled by default. Use "-std=c11" or "-std=c1x" to turn on the support for all other cases.
3. On macOS*: The C11 features supported by gcc on the path are enabled by default. Use "-std=c11" to turn on the support for all other cases.
4. On Windows: The C11 features can be enabled on Windows using "/Qstd=c11" compiler option

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