Cannot WRITE to window created with AllocConsole

Published: 12/22/2011, Last Updated: 12/22/2011

Reference Number : DPD200110270

Version : 11.0

Operating System : Windows



Problem Description

If a non-console application ("Windows Application" or other that does not create a console window automatically) calls the Win32 API routine AllocConsole to create a console, a Fortran WRITE to the "console" will fail with:

forrtl: severe(38): error during write, unit -1, file CONOUT$

The unit number may vary.

This is a change in behavior from previous versions where such writes succeeded.

Resolution Status

This problem is corrected as of version 11.0.072 of Intel Visual Fortran. A workaround is to write to unit 0 instead of unit * or 6. If you are seeing a similar issue with a later version of the compiler, please contact Intel Support.


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