Open Visual Cloud Media Analytics - GStreamer* for Development Systems with Intel® Xeon® Processors and Using Ubuntu* 18.04


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Pull Command

docker pull openvisualcloud/xeon-ubuntu1804-analytics-gst

Tags and Pull Commands for Other Versions

OS Target Version Size Updated Pull Command
Linux* x86_64 latest 331.41MB 03/24/2021 docker pull openvisualcloud/xeon-ubuntu1804-analytics-gst:latest
Linux x86_64 21.3 331.41MB 03/24/2021 docker pull openvisualcloud/xeon-ubuntu1804-analytics-gst:21.3
Linux x86_64 20.10 405.56MB 10/29/2020 docker pull openvisualcloud/xeon-ubuntu1804-analytics-gst:20.10
Linux x86_64 20.7 401.37MB 08/11/2020 docker pull openvisualcloud/xeon-ubuntu1804-analytics-gst:20.7
Linux x86_64 20.4 398.67MB 05/11/2020 docker pull openvisualcloud/xeon-ubuntu1804-analytics-gst:20.4
Linux x86_64 20.3.1 398.24MB 03/10/2020 docker pull openvisualcloud/xeon-ubuntu1804-analytics-gst:20.3.1
Linux x86_64 20.3 398.24MB 03/05/2020 docker pull openvisualcloud/xeon-ubuntu1804-analytics-gst:20.3
Linux x86_64 20.2 401.96MB 02/08/2020 docker pull openvisualcloud/xeon-ubuntu1804-analytics-gst:20.2
Linux x86_64 20.1 397.82MB 01/10/2020 docker pull openvisualcloud/xeon-ubuntu1804-analytics-gst:20.1
Linux x86_64 19.11 339.29MB 11/26/2019 docker pull openvisualcloud/xeon-ubuntu1804-analytics-gst:19.11
Linux x86_64 19.10.1 381.5MB 10/22/2019 docker pull openvisualcloud/xeon-ubuntu1804-analytics-gst:19.10.1
Linux x86_64 19.10 335.39MB 10/09/2019 docker pull openvisualcloud/xeon-ubuntu1804-analytics-gst:19.10


This Docker* image is part of Intel Open Visual Cloud Software Stacks, optimized for Media Analytics. The stack includes a media delivery GStreamer* image, an inferencing engine, and video analytics plugins. The Docker image can be used in the FROM field of a downstream Dockerfile. The image is for use on host systems with Intel® Xeon® processors running Ubuntu* 18.04.

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By accessing, downloading or using this software and any required dependent software (the “Software Package”), you agree to the terms and conditions of the software license agreements for the Software Package, which may also include notices, disclaimers, or license terms for third party software included with the Software Package. This Docker image installs third party components licensed under various open source licenses.

Please refer to Open Visual Cloud/xeon-ubuntu1804-analytics-gst Docker Hub repo for additional details.

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