Optimized Analytics Package for Spark* Platform (OAP for Spark* Platform)

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docker pull intel/intel-optimized-ml:centos-7-oap-0.9.0-latest


Optimized Analytics Package for Spark* Platform (OAP for Spark* Platform) is a project to optimize Apache Spark* in various aspects including cache, shuffle, execution engine, MLlib and so on. Currently OAP includes the following optimizations:

  • SQL Data Source Cache: Optimize Spark* SQL Data Source using PMem as input data cache.
  • RDD Cache PMem Extension: Optimize Spark* RDD Cache using PMem.
  • Shuffle Remote PMem Extension: Optimize Spark* shuffle using remote PMem and RDMA.
  • Remote Shuffle: Shuffle implementation for writing shuffle to HDFS Filesystem compatible remote storage.
  • Unified Arrow Data Source and Native SQL Engine: Optimize SQL execuiton engine using vectorization, native and columnar data.
  • OAP MLlib: Optimized implementation of part of MLlib agorithms.


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