Delivering “One Intel Developer Experience” Online

By Charles S Hay,

Published:09/27/2019   Last Updated:09/27/2019

As Intel reaches out to the global software developer community, we aspire to deliver value and opportunity through our world-class One Developer Experience (ODX). From an online perspective, ODX means a single-sign-on to our resources, a single taxonomy across our programs, easy access to our content, tools and trusted support, and a true sense of excitement about what you can build, test, and deliver with the combination of Intel® hardware, software, and the valuable resources and experiences gained from Intel’s developer programs.

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Customer Satisfaction 

A key aspect of delivering an excellent developer experience is paying attention to developers’ needs as customers. Satisfaction surveys tell us a lot about how our community experiences work.  For example, developers can react strongly to the end-of-life (EOL) of a software tool they know and love. We haven’t always handled the EOL communication well in the past, and the feedback we received has made us much more aware and sensitive to developers’ needs as we plan and manage software EOL processes. 

Happily, we do get a lot of positive feedback on the developer resources and programs we deliver through the Intel® Developer Zone:   

IoT developers appreciate pre-built open source reference implementations they can use to deploy their own IoT solutions, developer-ready hardware kits, software tools and integrated development environments (IDEs), and training webinars, videos and product documentation. 

AI developers learn, develop, share and teach in the Intel® AI Developer Program, take numerous courses and even receive a certificate of completion for our course AI From the Data Center to the Edge – An Optimized Path Using Intel® Architecture

Game developers can view technical sessions from the 2019 Game Developer Conference, get free downloads of Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers, and join the Intel® Game Dev Program to Get Ready, Get Noticed and Get Big. 

All developers can explore the myriad of resources and programs available in IoT, AI, gaming, parallel programming, automated driving, big data & analytics, industrial automation, network transformation, digital retail, smart home, and more

Access Intel® Hardware via the Cloud

One of the most valued resources available on the Intel Developer Zone is cloud access to hardware. Professional developers as well as university researchers, students and professors can get free access to test, evaluate, benchmark, practice, research, and develop on the latest Intel® platforms. A broad variety of infrastructure and platform services are available for AI, high-performance computing (HPC) and IoT development. 

Get Intel® Software Development Tools 

From the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit to Intel® System Studio, Intel® Parallel Studio XE, the Intel® Distribution of Python* and more, the Intel Software Development Tools page offers tools and developer programs for system and IoT solutions, enterprise and high-performance computing, game development, web and media services, and more. 

Explore our Documentation

Find answers to questions about Intel® software product features and capabilities at the Intel Developer Zone’s documentation page. Select the tool, hardware, middleware, or programming language that you are looking for, and get the facts about Intel® product suites, tools, libraries, APIs and SDKs, programming languages, hardware & developer kits, operating systems, middleware, cloud, analytics, frameworks, and device management. If you’re looking for code samples, check out our library

Get Support

The Intel Developer Zone gives you online access to three types of support:   

Get Help can get you started with software downloads, product licensing and registration, and general site issues.  

Forums can connect you with software development products, platform and technology discussions in compilers, performance libraries, virtualization, many-integrated-core architecture, IoT, AI, Intel® Software Guard Extensions, modern code for parallel processing, and many other topics. 

Priority Support can assist you through the Online Service Center for your Intel® software development products.  You can submit questions, problems, and other technical support issues, and you can monitor previously submitted issues. 

Consult our Experts 

Intel® Software Innovators demonstrate ingenuity, experimentation, and forward thinking that inspires the greater developer community. This Intel program is for developers who have shown exceptional technical expertise, forward-thinking innovation, and a talent for sharing knowledge within their technical community. Look for Scott Apeland’s article coming soon, highlighting Software Innovators recently honored in Europe.  

As part of the Intel Student Ambassador program, Masters & PhD candidates from top academic institutions around the world receive access to newly optimized AI frameworks, hardware, technologies and technical mentorship from Intel. This global community is for those pushing the boundaries of AI, seeking to drive innovation at the forefront of academia. 

Intel Black Belt Software Developers have been selected individually for exceptional technical expertise and leadership in the Intel® Developer Zone communities and our industry. See if you have what it takes and learn how to earn your Intel Software Developer Black Belt

Intel® Software Evangelists post articles and blogs sharing insights to inspire and inform developers about the latest technology innovations and market opportunities. 

Connect with the World’s Brightest Minds 

The Intel® DevMesh developer community portal and showcase is IDZ’s voice of the developer website. More than 10,000 developers have registered, already posting more than 2,000 technically detailed software projects containing more than 500 code repos and hundreds of videos. Visit Intel DevMesh to engage with our developer community on real world use of Intel software and hardware across AI, IoT, GameDev and more.    

Watch Intel® Software TV 

The Intel Software YouTube channel is a place to learn tips and tricks, get the latest news, watch product demos from Intel, and our many partners across multiple fields.  

Stay Informed

You can help shape the future of software innovation with tools and tips from Intel engineers and other industry experts. Subscribe to the monthly Intel® Software Developer Zone Newsletter and get the latest industry news, stay informed about software and other releases, Intel-sponsored events and contests, current projects and hardware support, go-to-market tips and tricks.  

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Scott Hay profile photoScott Hay manages the digital developer experiences through the Intel® Developer Zone and has over 20 years of extensive developer relations and developer program experience. 


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