The Early Version of Earth From Another Sun, Optimized by Multiverse and Intel, Is Coming Soon

Published: 07/02/2020

Indie games have always attracted the attention of gamers and developers for their innovative ideas and fun experiences. The early version of Earth From Another Sun, an indie game created by Multiverse*, will be released in September - October 2020 on Steam*, Epic Games* and Wegame*, and will be formally released in 2021 on PC, PS and Xbox*. Supported by Intel, Unity* and Tencent* in technology, marketing and many other areas, the game is expected to have excellent performance in terms of graphics, operation, and gaming experience.

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Exciting Story and Innovative Gameplay: Its Chaotic FPS Experience Breaks the Wall of Reality

As a science-fiction FPS game, the story of Earth From Another Sun starts from August 31, 2020, and moves on to the past and the future in parallel. The game guides players through time and space of human’s development to interact with NPCs of rich emotions, allowing players to experience stories from the rise of humanity to racial wars between humans and alien races, and to be perfectly immersed in characters and various exciting encounters.

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When it comes to gameplay, Earth From Another Sun, a combination of Roguelike, RPG and FPS, not only revolutionizes inherent elements embedded in shooting games, but also breaks restrictions in Roguelike games characterized by pixel style and traditional gameplay. In the game, players will experience constant climax battles, lively and crazy bullet screen plays, and exciting team battles.

Is It the StarCraft Version of Mount & Blade?

In Earth From Another Sun, the player’s character, who is from a small kingdom of the vast universe, While suffering the pain of his father's revenge and his country, he has to make a difficult choice for his future - become a knight who does not care about the world, or a business man who is dedicated to his career, or a warlord who dominates a part of the universe, or a cunning and speculative factory entrepreneur, or a space bandit, or a man who takes his responsibility for his kingdom and gets on the road of revenge.

Unlike a traditional FPS game, it allows you to play different roles and experience different lives. The most notable feature in Earth From Another Sun is that it is not only a strategy game, but also incorporates elements of a simulation game that allows players to become a prince without a kingdom and to take control of his own future.

Next-generation Graphics and Special Effects and Experience of Reality: Multiple Technology Giants Have Participated in the Development of the Game

First of all, for such a high-quality indie game, although a lot of special effects are added to the game, unstable frame issues occurred in the process of development and bottlenecks often seen on low-end platforms are solved with the help of the Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA)1. Early version of Earth From Another Sun optimizes computing and rendering tasks of the CPU and GPU by completing interactive computing and elimination computing of most particles, special effects and bullets in the game with SSE and AVX instruction sets. It adds more realistic and complex physics collision effects for high-end devices, and utilizes multi-threading technology to achieve physics and special effects computing in the game, thereby maximizing computing resources of high-end devices. Moreover, it reduces the graphics processing pressure for low-end devices and achieves maximum usage of hardware performance on computers of different configurations and performances, thereby ensuring the smooth, fast gaming experience.

Thanks to its technical achievements and creativity, the game was demonstrated as a successful case for game developers in the Unite Keynote 2019 in Copenhagen and in the 2019 CiGADC in Shanghai2.

The charm of Earth From Another Sun lies not only in its smoothness, but also in its realistic, vivid and sharp next-generation graphics and interactive experience. It is reported that in order to enhance the reality and interactive experience of the game, the development team takes advantage of the latest version of the Unity 3D engine and its rendering pipeline HDRP, which not only significantly improves the resolution of the game, but enables players to easily create innovative features and interactive contents such as “3D video games, architectural visualization, and real-time 3D animation”.

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Besides, Earth From Another Sun pays special attention to the involvement and gaming experience of players. Since the launch of the testing version on August 15, 2019, the development team has been collecting player reviews while sticking to its initial idea of “improving player experience”, and regularly optimizing and updating the game to ensure the best daily gaming experience of 60 minutes for players. So far, over 30,000 players have played the testing version of Earth From Another Sun.
In September - October 2020, the early version of Earth From Another Sun will be launched on multiple platforms. We believe this carefully optimized game by Intel and Multiverse will definitely bring a surprise experience to the computer game lovers.

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