Enabling Intel® IPP on OpenCV* (Windows* and Ubuntu*)

By Jonghak Kim, Published: 10/27/2015, Last Updated: 11/27/2017


 This article explains how to enable Intel® IPP with your OpenCV in order to get performance benefits and to utilize hardware resources efficiently. 

 Intel® IPP : Web Link


To set up the environment (Windows* systems):

  • Configuration of OpenCV  – Enabling IPP  
    • Download OpenCV 3.0.0 or above ( https://opencv.org/releases.html ) and CMake (http://www.cmake.org/download/ )
    • Extract OpenCV where you want and install CMake and run CMake.
    • Add OpenCV’s location as the source location and choose a location where you want your build will be created.
    • Choose your generator. For example, 'Visual Studio 15 2017 Win64'
    • To enable IPP you have 2 options. One, you can use ‘ICV’ that is a special IPP build for OpenCV provided from IPP 3.0 or above, which is free and the other option is that you can use your IPP from any Intel® software tool suites ( Intel® System Studio or Intel® Parallel Studio ).
    • To go with ICV just have WITH_IPP on. The ICV package will download automatically and cmake configuration will catch it.
    • In order to enable IPP from Intel® Software Suites , you need to manually add an entry for IPP as well on top of setting WITH_IPP. Click ‘Add Entry’ and type in its name as ‘IPPROOT’. Choose its type as PATH and insert where your IPP is located.
    • If configuration gets done without a problem. Then it is ready to go. 
    • Now click 'Generate' button to prepare to build your OpenCV with your generator. 


To set up the environment (Linux* Ubuntu* systems):

  • Configuration of OpenCV  – Enabling IPP
    • Download OpenCV 3.0.0 or above ( https://opencv.org/releases.html )
    • Extract OpenCV where you want
    • Open a terminal and go to where you extracted OpenCV
    • As the same as Windows case, you can go with either ICV or IPP
    • For ICV, type  'cmake -D WITH_IPP=ON .'
    • Example configuration result for ICV
    • For IPP, type  'cmake -D WITH_IPP=ON -D IPPROOT=<Your IPP Location> .'
    • Example configuration result for IPP
    • If the configuration went without a problem, then proceed and type 'make -j4'
    • When building is done, type 'make install' to filnally install the library


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