Intel® Parallel Studio XE Evaluation Guides

Published:04/15/2015   Last Updated:08/12/2017

Efficiently Produce Fast, Scalable and Reliable Applications

Deliver high performance, scalable and reliable applications with Intel® Parallel Studio XE. This C/C++, Fortran* and Python* tool suite simplifies the development, debugging, and tuning of code that helps you take advantage of parallel processing to boost application performance. Intel® Parallel Studio XE comes in three editions based on your development needs.

Intel® Parallel Studio XEComposer Edition includes industry-leading compilers, performance libraries, parallel models, and high-performance Python solutions optimized to build fast parallel code.

Professional Edition includes everything in the Composer Edition. It adds performance profiler, vectorization and thread advisor, and memory and thread debugger to design, build, debug, and tune fast parallel code.

Cluster Edition includes everything in the Professional Edition. It adds an MPI library, MPI profiler, and a cluster diagnostic expert system to design, build, debug, and tune fast parallel code.

Download a Free 30-day Evaluation

Download these step-by-step guides to see how to improve code by addressing issues such as memory errors, performance bottlenecks, parallelism, and more. Note that each guide requires the free 30-day trial of the software. If evaluating on Windows*, Microsoft Visual Studio* is required.

Get an Easy Performance Boost Even with Unthreaded Apps

In many cases, recompiling just one file can give you a major performance boost.

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Efficiently Introduce Threading using Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB)

Add parallelism to your application using a powerful threading library included with Intel® Parallel Studio XE.

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Eliminate Memory Errors to Improve Program Stability

Find crucial memory defects early in the development cycle.

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Eliminate Threading Errors to Improve Program Stability

Discover hard-to-find threading defects early in the development cycle.

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Resolve Resource Leaks to Improve Program Stability

Identify, analyze, and resolve resource errors in serial or parallel programs.

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