Half the footprint, twice the speed: Accelerating performance for server-side PHP 7

Published:07/20/2016   Last Updated:07/20/2016

Close collaboration between Intel and the PHP community enables new hardware features that improve processing efficiency, increase execution speed, and optimize core software of interpreted languages — significantly boosting PHP 7 performance on Intel® Xeon® processors

Choosing the right combination of hardware and software is one of the simplest and most effective ways to improve performance for PHP-based applications. To this end, Intel has shared knowledge, insight, and hints with the PHP community to help boost PHP performance and optimize this popular language on Intel® Xeon® processors.

In addition, the software performance of PHP 7 sees a boost with each new generation of Intel® Architecture (IA), which introduces features that increase hardware execution efficiency. At the source level, Intel has also worked extensively to “tune” processors. This increases execution efficiency and performance even further — performance that is particularly important for PHP and other interpreted languages that have a large footprint.

These collaborative efforts have enabled two key advances for PHP 7 over the previous version (PHP 5): a much smaller memory footprint, and a dramatic 2x performance gain for real-world applications on Intel Xeon processors.

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