Installing Intel® MKL Cloudera* CDH Parcel

By Zhen Zhao, Ying Hu

Published:05/05/2017   Last Updated:10/08/2018

Intel® worked with Cloudera* to make it easy to use the Community forum supported Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) with Cloudera* CDH. This page provides general installation and support notes about Intel® MKL as it has been distributed via Cloudera* CDH described below.

These software development tools are also available as part of the Intel® Parallel Studio XE and Intel® System Studio products. These products include enterprise-level Intel® Online Service Center support.

Using Intel® MKL Parcel

Here is how to install the Intel® MKL Parcel

  1. In the Cloudera Manager Admin Console access the Parcels page by doing one of the following:
        Click the Parcels indicator in the top navigation bar.
        Click the Hosts in the top navigation bar, then the Parcels tab.
  2. Click the Configuration button on the Parcels page.
  3. In the Remote Parcel Repository URLs list, click plus symbol to open an additional row. Enter the path to Intel® MKL Parcel repository:
  4. Click the Save Changes button
  5. Click the Check for New Parcels button
  6. In the Location selector, click Available Remotely. The latest Intel MKL parcel should be available for download.
  7. Click the Download button for Intel® MKL Parcel. By downloading Intel® MKL you agree to the terms and conditions stated in the End-User License Agreement (EULA).
  8. Click the Distribute button in order to distribute the parcel on all cluster nodes, when download is completed
  9. Click the Activate button to activate Intel MKL parcel on all cluster nodes, when distribution is completed. A pop-up indicates which services must be restarted to use the new parcel.
  10. Choose one of the following:
        Restart - Activate the parcel and restart services affected by the parcel.
        Activate Only - Active the parcel. You can restart services at a time that is convenient.
  11. Click OK.

Note: The repository URL shown above installs the latest version of Intel MKL parcel. To install an older version of the Intel MKL use the URL based on the following model:<VERSION>.<UPDATE>.<BUILD_NUMBER>

The following variables are used in the repository URL: <VERSION>, <UPDATE>, <BUILD>. The available values for these variables are available in the table below:





Intel® MKL




Intel® MKL




Intel® MKL




Intel® MKL




Intel® MKL




            2018                2               199
  2018 3 222
  2018 4 274
  2019 0 117


You can find more information about Parcels installation at Managing Software Installation Using Cloudera Manager.

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