Intel AIC 2013: 9 Prize Winners

By Rick T Puckett,

Published:01/10/2014   Last Updated:01/10/2014

The Intel App Innovation Contest has officially wrapped up producing some great new apps, and of course developers winning prizes! The culmination of hundreds of developers competing from our four regional contest sites in Russia (Habrahabr), China (CSDN), India (ThinkDigit) and the US (Code Project) who worked feverishly to build Windows 8 apps for All-In-One and Tablet devices has now concluded. The judging is complete and the Grand Prize Winner is Scribblify, developed by Matthew Pilz. In addition, eight other category winners were also selected based on platform and app segment categories. Congratulations to all of the developers who submitted their apps and especially to the nine individuals below who excelled at this challenge!

Grand Prize winner - Scribbify

Grand Prize Winner - Scribblify

Developer: Matthew Pilz, USA
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AIO Winner
Hot Shots (Games)

Adam Hill (UK)
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Tablet Winner
One Touch Notation for
MS Word (Education)

Dmitriy Golovanov (Ukraine)
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Education Winner

Bryan K. Brown (USA)
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Entertainment Winner
Paint Your Music

Alpha Lam (China)
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Finance Winner
Smart Replenishment 

Vivek Anand (India)
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Games Winner
Wormhole Pinball 

Dave Gannon (UK)
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Healthcare Winner
My Health Assistant 

Tim Corey (USA)
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Retail Winner
AR Jewellery

Serhiy Posokhin (Ukraine)
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