Intel® C++ Compiler Runtime libraries in Intel® System Studio

By Yang Wang,

Published:04/17/2013   Last Updated:04/17/2013

    If you build the the application with Intel® C++ Compiler dynamically, you will need to make the Intel C++ Compiler runtime libraries available on the target platform. For the current Intel® System Studio system_studio_2013.0.016, due to a packaging issue, some runtime libraries are missing from the the compiler runtime libraries for the target system.

    This issue has been tracked by  DPD200241981.

    To work around the issue, we can copy all the necessary libraries from the compiler installation folder on the host system.

    The default compiler runtime libraries for target system are stored in the Intel System Studio installation package l_cembd_b_2013.0.016/rpm/system_studio_target/compiler/lib. Go to this folder and copy the ia32 and intel64 compiler runtime libraries from the compiler installation folder. For example:

                $cd l_cembd_b_2013.0.016/rpm/system_studio_target/compiler/lib
                $cp /opt/intel/system_studio_2013.0.016/compiler/lib/ia32/*so* ./ia32/
                $cp /opt/intel/system_studio_2013.0.016/compiler/lib/intel64/*so* ./intel64/ 

    Please note that the folder /opt/intel/system_studio_2013.0.016/ is the default Intel System Studio installation folder. If you changed this installation path, you need to copy from your path.

   Now we can copy the libraries in folder  l_cembd_b_2013.0.016/rpm/system_studio_target/compiler/lib to the target system which can be loaded by the applications in the target system. 

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