Intel® Compilers for Linux* and macOS* Compiler Installation Help

Published:08/30/2011   Last Updated:09/02/2017

The following articles help with installation of the Intel® Compilers on Linux* and macOS*.

BEFORE you try to install the Intel compilers on a Linux host, please make sure your Linux installation has the prerequisites for the compilers. 
Also, determine your needs and get the right installation tarball.  Most Linux users are on 64bit systems with x86_64 versions of Linux installed.  Do you need to create older 32bit applications?  If not, download the Intel 64 ONLY tarball, the *_intel64.tgz file.  Not only does this save download time, this will eliminate your need to install 32bit libraries on the development system.

The distribution-specific requirements are listed and hyperlinked below:

Other distributions not listed here should follow the guidelines of the closest mainstream distribution documented above.
For help with REMOVING or UNINSTALLING the Intel Compilers for Linux, read this article.
macOS:  Prerequisite for installation of Intel Compilers for macOS is that you have installed a supported version of Xcode on your system.  See your Release Notes document for supported Xcode versions for your compiler version.  Xcode is provided by Apple on either your macOS installation DVD or online at Apple Developer

Once these prerequisites are satisfied, launch the Intel installer '' in the compiler package directory and follow the prompts.
"Silent" or command line installation without user prompts:
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