Intel® DAAL 2016 Bug Fixes List

By Zhang Zhang, Published: 11/03/2015, Last Updated: 11/03/2015

Intel® DAAL 2016 Update 3  (Apr 2016)

DPD200582124 EM-GMM algorithm crashes with ill-conditioned covariance matrix
DPD200581004 Improvements for and daalvars.csh
DPD200579581 Minor issue in the MySQL example (C++)
DPD200579517 Missing information of Clang compiler and threading options in the Getting Started guide for OS X

Intel® DAAL 2016 Update 2  (Feb 2016)

DPD200577777 Variance-covariance and correlation distributed processing performance issue
DPD200577773 Bugs in and daalvars.csh
DPD200379770 not compatible with KSH
DPD200577241 KMeans goal function returned 0.0
DPD200577109 ALS result was transposed
DPD200577029 KMeans randomDense initialization didn't allow user defined seed option
DPD200577028 KMeans randomDense initialization didn't check for identical points
DPD200574292 SVM performance issue
DPD200574291 Result discrepancies with scikit-learn for some algorithms


Intel® DAAL 2016 Update 1  (Nov 2015)

DPD200574780 Missing documentation for some components of the JAVA API
DPD200574292 Low SVM performance compared to Scikit-Learn*
DPD200572896 Ada boost example failed to build because Intel TBB runtime library was not found
DPD200572303 Missing daal subfolder in the documentation folder of Intel Parallel Studio XE installation.


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