Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Developer's Guide

Published: 09/20/2011   Last Updated: 09/20/2011

Latest Intel Graphics Developer's Guide

Note: The Developer's Guide on this page is for the Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator used in the Intel® 4 Series Chipsets (the Intel® 4500, X4500, and X4500HD GMAs). For the LATEST Intel Graphics Developer's Guide, go to /content/www/us/en/develop/articles/intel-graphics-developers-guides.html



This document provides development hints and tips to ensure that your customers will have a great experience playing your games and running other interactive 3D graphics applications. This document also describes the Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator used in the Intel® 4 Series Chipsets (the Intel® 4500, X4500, and X4500HD GMAs) with a focus on performance analysis on Microsoft DirectX* and includes a section detailing performance analysis with the Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzer (Intel® GPA). These chipsets are used in desktop G41, G43, and G45 and mobile GM45 systems.

In general, the core of the graphics media accelerators is broken into generations; these generations are known as Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) Series 3 and 4. Each year, more capabilities and better performance are provided by new integrated graphics cores. Intel Integrated Graphics is currently the number one graphics solution chosen by new PC purchasers. Therefore, it makes sense to write your 3D applications to this broad market and optimize the experience for the greatest number of people. By following the tips and tricks in this document, you have the opportunity for your application to shine with the graphics volume market leader.

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