Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers 2020.3 Release

Say hello to some of the latest features for the Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA) tool suite.

Graphics Trace Analyzer 

Synchronization Primitives 

View synchronization primitives in Intel® Graphics Trace Analyzer by selecting a call and viewing its cooresponding synchronization call. This release enables visualization of GPU synchronization, GPU to CPU synchronization and CPU synchronization for enhanced profiling of your applications.

System Analyzer 

Increased Granularity of CPU Counters

We significantly increased the granularity and quality of CPU counters in System Analyzer for Microsoft Windows* machines on Intel® hardware. We did this by transitioning from a Windows based collection system to an Intel® based collection system, allowing for detailed analysis to determine whether your application is CPU or GPU bound.

Graphics Frame Analyzer 

Command Queues with Debug Regions for Multi-Frame Analysis

View command queues with debug regions for DirectX* 12 applications in Multi-Frame view in Intel® Graphics Frame Analyzer. In this release you can view the Direct Queue, Compute Queue and Copy Queue for enhanced multi-frame analysis of your applications.

Intel® GPA Framework

Highlighted Features: 

  • Microsoft DirectX* 12 Variable Rate Shading Tier 2 
  • Alpha Raytracing for DirectX applications 
  • Expanded support for Vulkan* deferred capture in Unity* and Unreal* engine based workloads 


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