Intel® Math Kernel Library 2020 Bug fixes

By Khang T Nguyen, Pamela Harrison

Published:12/03/2019   Last Updated:08/05/2020

Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) 2020 update 2 (July 2020).

MKLD-9780 Fixed issue with Intel® MKL SGEMM (Intel® AVX512) under performing Intel® MKL sgemv (Intel® AVX2).
MKLD-9720 Fixed incorrect Eigensolver examples.
MKLD-9713 Improved Eigensolver examples.
MKLD-9664 Fixed no const keyword for '*beta' of DSYR2K in mkl_blas.h.
MKLD-9570 Fixed unstable Intel® MKL Benchmark above 290 threads.
MKLD-9504 Fixed Intel® MKL ERROR: Parameter 15 was incorrect on entry to PCGEEVX.
MKLD-9492 Improved mkl_link_tool.exe should be return back for classical version of MKL.
MKLD-9485 Fixed Parallel Direct Sparse Solver for Clusters(CLUSTER_SPARSE_SOLVER) crash at the phase 11 with iparm[2] = 10, iparm[10] = iparm[12] = 0 parameters.
MKLD-9180 Fixed missed "fftw_alloc_complex" symbols.
MKLD-9066 Fixed segmentation fault with Intel® MKL Pardiso i_malloc.
MKLD-9064 Fixed Parameter error for CBLAS_ZGEMMT with CblasConjTrans.
MKLD-8660 Fixed Data race problem(s) with SpBLAS (mkl_sparse_sp2m).
MKLD-8512 Fixed Data Fitting Data Races reported by Intel® Inspector.
MKLD-8345 Fixed Intel® MKL Verbose mode which doesn't work with ?DTSVB routine.
MKLD-8196 Fixed memory leakage with MKL_SPARSE_D_MV in the case when lined with Intel® TBB layer.
MKLD-8054 Fixed duplicated value in VSL error.
MKLD-9477 Fixed input array isuppz reference even when jobz parameter is not set to 'V' contrary.

Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) 2020 update 1 (March 2020).

MKLD-3773 Fixed issue: Intel® MKL Pardiso - extra RHS allocation - SIZE*NRHS*sizeof(datatype) for each OpenMP thread causing unnecessary memory usage.
MKLD-4084 Fixed issue: Intel® MKL was searching for dlls in the application process path regardless of where they actually were, resulting in dlls not found.
MKLD-8082 Fixed issue: in Intel® MKL 2019.4, dfeast_[s,h]csrgv produced segmentation fault error due to an error in the verifier of positive define matrix in FEAST.
MKLD-8252 Issue fixed: Incorrect initialization for MKL_SPARSE_D_QR_REORDER in the case of a diagonal matrix was causing exit status 2.
MKLD-8253 Issue fixed: MKL_SPARSE_D_QR_REORDER was returning returns SPARSE_STATUS_ALLOC_FAILED when input matrix contained either a zero-row or a zero-column.
MKLD-8424 Docs fixed: Documentation for mkl_?omatcopy2 transpose was incorrect, causing incorrect results.
MKLD-8649 Docs fixed: Documentation for LaPack storage scheme row-major layout formula was incorrect.
MKLD-8757 Issue fixed: ?geev was allocating an extra row/column in the working array.
MKLD-8776 Issue fixed: mkl_zcscmv and mkl_sparse_z_mv produced different results in Intel® MKL 2019.5.
MKLD-9118 Fixed issue: Loading mkl_core.dll from Intel® MKL 2020 resets the DLL search order, breaking any application relying on the DLL search order set by SetDllDirectory.
MKLD-9146 Not a defect: It can appear that avx512_xsgemv takes longer than the intrinsic functions "avx2_sparse_sgemv_accum16" and "avx512_sparse_sgemv_accum16". However, this is due to function overhead when using verbose.

Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) 2020 (December 2019).

MKLD-3727 Fixed the issue "Cluster Intel® MKL Pardiso OOC mode doesn't work for nonsymmetric matrices when IPARM (11) and IPARM(13) are activated."
MKLD-3801 Fixed the issue Intel MKL CNR strict support in the case of different number of threads.
MKLD-3857 Fixed the issue Cluster_sparse_solver fails when MPI version of the nested dissection and symbolic factorization algorithms is used.
MKLD-3907 Removed PGI Support Notes.
MKLD-3940 Fixed the unhandle exception issue when using SparseQR.
MKLD-3958 Added Intel® MKL 2019 to the Intel® Link Line Advisor tool.
MKLD-3966 Fixed the issue Intel® MKL Pardiso cannot being interrupted with mkl_progress function.
MKLD-3971 Fixed the issue Windows Loader deadlock when loading Intel(R) MKL.
MKLD-3975 Fixed the issue MKL_SPARSE_D_MV returns "Intel MKL ERROR: CPU 1 is not supported" when MKL_CBWR=COMPATIBLE.
MKLD-3981 Fixed the issue TREVC3 returns Intel MKL ERROR: Parameter 14.
MKLD-3998 Fixed the issue Intel MKL in mxnet hangs on Mac* OS.
MKLD-3999 Fixed the issue LAPACKE_SSYEVD fails when upper triangular part of the matrix is filled with random numbers.
MKLD-4014 Fixed the issue Intel MKL doesn't limit the number of threads in case MKL_NUM_THREADS is set.
MKLD-4033 Fixed the issue "LNK2005: _POWF already defined in libmmt.lib".
MKLD-4044 Fixed the issue DORMQR returns "Intel MKL ERROR: Parameter 12 was incorrect on entry"
MKLD-4045 Fixed the issue DGEEVX crashes on the exit of the application.
MKLD-4052 Fixed the issue The Executable FFT code size increased around of 2x from MKL versions 11.3.3 to 19.1.
MKLD-4069 Fixed the issue Intel® MKL Pardiso, schur complement method accuracy is not enough.
MKLD-4084 Fixed the issue MKL Libraries mkl _ *. Dll have to load their dependence on the absolute path of the folder where the DLL itself is located.
MKLD-4123 Fixed the issue MKL FFTW produces non-identical outputs.
MKLD-4176 Fixed the issue MKL_SPARSE_SPMM returns wrong results when small matrices multiply large matrices.
MKLD-4217 Fixed the issue Intel® MKL Pardiso reports the "error PARDISO: iterative refinement, contraction rate is greater than 0.9" problem.
MKLD-4235 Fixed the issue MKL_SPARSE_?_TRSM didn't check the format of the Input matrix.
MKLD-7629 Fixed the issue Intel® MKL Pardiso returns NaN in theo solution when the input matrix is ill-conditioned.
MKLD-7663 Fixed the issue MKL_SPARSE_ORDER is too slow.
MKLD-7744 Fixed the issue ?SYEVX routines produce wrong results when using threading.
MKLD-7820 Fixed the issue LAPACKE_DSYEV returns wrong results when using the row-major layout.
MKLD-7851 Fixed the issue FFT generates Floating Point Exception.
MKLD-7875 Fixed the issue Intel® MKL Pardiso 2019.3 produces segmentation fault when parallel factorization control is used.
MKLD-7891 Fixed the issue Intel® MKL Pardiso parallel factorization control (iparm(23)) causes segmentation fault error.
MKLD-8114 Fixed the issue DGESVD performance issue when running in 64bit vs ia32 systems with AVX2 code branch.
MKLD-8278 Fixed the issue DGECON shows 2x performance degradation in 2019.4 vs 2018.1.
MKLD-8357 Fixed the issue ?GTSV - erratum into parameter description.
MKLD-8364 Fixed the issue Static MKL Build fails in INtime RTOS.
MKLD-8369 Fixed the issue SPARSE_STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED exit status in mkl_sparse_sp2m with symmetric sparse matrices.
MKLD-8384 Fixed the issue Inconsistent C definition of ?gelsd function.
MKLD-8498 Fixed the MKL_SPARSE_S_QR parameter order of columns and x.
MKLD-8650 Fixed the MKL_SPARSE_SP2M description.
MKLD-8686 Fixed the MKL_SPARSE_?_ADD - Application Notes.

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