Intel Media SDK 2014 for Servers Supported Versions

By Jeffrey McAllister,

Published: 07/22/2014   Last Updated: 07/22/2014


Support is provided for the two most recent releases of Intel® Media SDK for Linux Servers using the validated configurations listed in the release notes.  Older versions are not supported.

In general, new features and stability improvement target future releases, though critical bug fixes can be provided for the most recent release.

Currently supported versions of Intel® Media SDK:

  • Intel® Media SDK 2014 for Linux Servers R2: full support.  Hot fixes may be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Intel® Media SDK 2014 for Linux Servers: Questions specific to this release may be submitted, but usually no product updates/hot fixes can be considered.

Customers using older versions of Intel® Media SDK are encouraged to update to the most recent version.

Please send any questions on this or other topics to the  Intel® Media SDK support forum.

Anticipated direction for 2015 Media Servers products:

We've heard your feedback and overwhelming interest in adding support for RedHat/CentOS linux distributions.  As a result we plan to introduce this in our 2015 product, expected to hit Gold in Q1 2015.  This release is in development  - so some details may still change, and we’d like your feedback on the forum.   At this release we will add support for CentOS (we’re targeting 7.1 if it stays on schedule) and will drop support for Ubuntu.  SLES will remain supported.  You can expect ‘previews’ on CentOS in Q4.

After we release the next generation of Intel Xeon and Core processors, we will be happy to receive questions on MediaSDK 2014 R2 but we are unlikely to offer updates to the SDK or driver.  We strongly encourage new development to move to the 2015 Media servers product as the preview and gold releases become available.  Product updates for Ubuntu and 3rd Generation Core/Ivybridge will be discontinued when the new product is released.  Please contact the Intel® Media SDK support team for any questions about transitioning to a supported Linux distribution.


Linux Distribution Changes:

2014 2015
Ubuntu 12.04 CentOS 7.1 (target)
SLES 11 SLES 12 (target)


Supported Platform Changes:

2014 2015
3rd Generation Core™ 4th Generation Core™
4th Generation Core™ Next processor generation

Note: 3rd Generation Core corresponds to Xeon e3-1285 v2, 4th to v3, 5th to v4.

Disclaimer: the changes listed above are not finalized and subject to change.

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