Intel® NAS Performance Toolkit

Published: 09/17/2012, Last Updated: 09/17/2012

Please note that this software is considered end-of-life and no longer supported


The Intel® NAS Performance Toolkit (NASPT) is a file system exerciser and analysis tool designed to enable direct measurement of home network attached storage (NAS) performance. Designed to emulate the behavior of an actual application, NASPT uses a set of real world workload traces gathered from typical digital home applications. Traces of high definition video playback and recording, office productivity applications, video rendering/content creation and more provide a broad range of different application behaviors. With the latest version of NASPT, users may even add their own custom traces. NASPT reproduces the file system traffic recorded in these traces onto whatever storage solution the user provides, records the system response, and reports a rich variety of performance information.

NASPT includes an intuitive graphical user interface to get teams up and running quickly, a graphical data analyzer for in-depth performance investigations, and a convenient batch mode feature for performing multiple test runs with a single click.

While NASPT runs on a 32-bit client version of Windows XP or Windows Vista, the target NAS device may run any operating system.

Version 1.7.0 adds the ability for users to add their own custom workloads to the lists of test run the NASPT, further expanding the utility and flexibility of the Intel NAS Performance Toolkit. Version 1.7.0 also adds support for the Windows Vista operating system.

Version 1.7.1 relaxes the operating system check to allow the program to run on 32-bit client versions of Windows 7. The program also checks for host systems with large amounts of installed memory, issuing a warning message when appropriate. Large amounts of host DRAM skew test results by enabling the host machine to cache large amounts of storage data locally rather than making requests of the NAS device the program is supposed to be testing. This can lead to higher scores than the NAS device itself can deliver. Most testers will not want their host machines "helping" in this way. Version 1.7.1 is otherwise identical to v1.7.0.

The source code for the NASPT Exerciser is now available. Visual Studio 2008 project. Please refer to the included build_environment.txt file for information on how to build the NASPT Exerciser.




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