Intel® Node Manager Programmer’s Reference Kit

Published:06/06/2012   Last Updated:06/06/2012

Intel® Node Manager is a server management technology that allows a platform's management software to accurately monitor and control the platform's power and thermal behaviors through an industry-defined standard Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) and Datacenter Manageability Interface (DCMI).

Intel Node Manager allows data center managers to monitor server power and thermal behavior in real time. Using this technology, data center managers can set upper limits on the server power to maximize the rack density with confidence that rack power budgets will not be exceeded. During a power or thermal emergency, Intel Node Manager can automatically limit server power consumption and extend service uptime from stand-by power sources. Server power and thermal information can also be used to maximize overall data center efficiency by moving workloads, extending the life of stand-by power resources, etc.

The Intel® Node Manager Programmer's Reference Kit contains the source code (C and C++), test application, and documents to manage servers that are Intel Node Manager capable. The Kit simplifies the complex IPMI encoding and decoding for commands and responses, hides the protocol details, and provides simple application programming interfaces (APIs) to monitor and control power and thermal capabilities on Intel Node Manager capable platforms.

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Intel has three versions of server management technology: Intel Node Manager, Intel Node Manager Basic Edition, and Intel Node Manager Extended Edition. Intel Node Manager provides platform power and thermal capabilities to the baseboard management controller (BMC). Intel Node Manager Basic Edition provides simple management capabilities and does not need platform BMC. Intel Node Manager Extended Edition provides simple platform management capabilities along with power and thermal capabilities and does not need platform BMC. Intel® Node Manager Programmer's Reference Kit supports all three versions.

For more information about Intel Node Manager technology:

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