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Published: 05/06/2014, Last Updated: 12/04/2018

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Principal Investigators:

Dr. Per Öster, Director, Research Infrastructures
Dr. Jussi Enkovaara, Senior application scientist, High Performance Computing support


The Intel® Parallel Computing Center(s) (Intel® PCC) at CSC – IT Center Science will, in collaboration with researchers in atmospheric- and environmental science, develop parallel algorithms and optimize open source high-performance computing (HPC) applications for Intel’s latest parallel processor architectures. Close collaborators are The Finnish Centre of Excellence in Atmospheric Science and Bull’s Center for Excellence in Parallel Programming. In addition to atmospheric and environmental research codes, CSC will work with an application code from materials sciences. The selected applications are widely used both nationally and internationally, and the optimization work will benefit a large group of researchers. The initial list of applications targeted to be optimized for the Intel® architecture is:

  • Atmospheric sciences: ECHAM6 plus a number of atmospheric models from Helsinki University
  • Multi-physics and Glaciology: Elmer and Elmer/Ice
  • Materials and nanoscience: GPAW

Parallelization and optimization of the codes will be carried out by CSC’s HPC experts using an extremely energy-efficient liquid-cooled Bull B715 supercomputer prototype and CSC’s other supercomputer resources. The optimizations will target both the latest generations of Intel® Xeon® processor as well as the Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor.

In addition to the optimization work, CSC will develop and carry out a comprehensive training program to support the general build-up of HPC programming and optimization skills.


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