Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2017 Composer Edition Compiler Fixes List

Published: 03/14/2017, Last Updated: 03/14/2017

NOTE: This PARTIAL list shows ONLY defect fixes and feature requests for the Fortran Front-end that have been incorporated into the Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition Fortran Compiler. Defects and feature requests described below represent specific issues with specific test cases. It is difficult to succinctly describe an issue and how it impacted the specific test case. Some of the issues listed may impact multiple architectures, operating systems, and/or languages. If you have any questions about the issues discussed in this report, please post on the user forums, or submit an issue to the Online Service Center.

Initial Release (Posted September 2016), Package IDs below 

Fixes list for the Initial Release is not available at this time

Update 1 (Posted November 2016), Package IDs below 

Fixes list for Update 1 is not available at this time

Update 2 (Posted February 2017), Package IDs below 

Only this Partial Fixes list for Update 2 is available at this time

DPD200241668 Fortran Internal compiler error with –dyncom and @<file> size larger than about 4000 bytes
DPD200367167 Fortran GETARG with integer(2) argument causes overwrite on Intel64
DPD200373503 Fortran Routine CFI_allocate() fails to set descriptor component 'elem_len' - causes fault for type CHARACTER
DPD200376097 Fortran Enhance error #7257 to include the corresponding source code line number
DPD200408495 Fortran Initialized, equivalence-ed variable used in contained procedure makes temp symbol global
DPD200408903 Fortran TRANSFER and polymorphic arguments
DPD200410099 Fortran Bad result for remapped-bounds pointer assignment to function returning pointer to array
DPD200410321 Fortran INTENT(OUT) ALLOCATABLE dummy argument not deallocated on entry with OpenMP*
DPD200412748 Fortran Internal compiler error for LEN of a function with specification for character length
DPD200412848 Fortran Correct code compiled with -check uninit and -check bounds results in run time errors
DPD200413120 Fortran Coindexed store of character component uses wrong offset
DPD200413350 Fortran Seg-fault for WORKSHARE on array assignment with indirect addressing
DPD200413480 Fortran Internal compiler error related to submodules
DPD200414141 Fortran ALLOCATE(SOURCE=polymorphic-array-slice) ignores slice
DPD200414190 Fortran Finalization: seg-fault on optional intent(out) allocatable
DPD200414203 Fortran Bounds check of array section with variable stride incorrectly gives error
DPD200414298 Fortran Internal compiler error for derived-type component assignment
DPD200414360 Fortran Compile-time format with NUL in quoted string skips over NUL
DPD200414371 Fortran Link error when submodule procedure dummy argument has same name as module
DPD200414403 Fortran Data corruption caused by bad descriptor passed to for_realloc_lhs
DPD200414426 Fortran Internal compiler error for assignment to real and imaginary parts of complex dummy argument
DPD200414471 Fortran Incorrect results with combined use of len_trim() and sum()
DPD200414481 Fortran Internal compiler error involving unlimited-polymorphic use in ALLOCATE
DPD200414551 Fortran Improve formatting of examples in Fortran documentation
DPD200414580 Fortran ALLOCATE of already allocated array doesn't raise error
DPD200414609 Fortran Internal compiler error for call of procedure pointer that returns a derived type with finalizer
DPD200414618 Fortran Assignment of character scalar to different length deferred-length allocatable array doesn't reallocate
DPD200414703 Fortran Error 6457 (derived type not declared) triggered by name of specific procedure or other module use
DPD200414795 Fortran Error 8527 for bounds-remapping pointer assignment to simply contiguous array component
DPD200414845 Fortran Internal compiler error with /check:bounds
DPD200414944 Fortran Internal compiler error for procedure pointer declaration
DPD200414949 Fortran Internal compiler error related to use-associated symbols
DPD200415033 Fortran Reuse of descriptor initializer incorrect in character(nn), allocatable :: c(:) case
DPD200415189 Fortran Internal compiler error with class and pointers
DPD200415208 Fortran Use of uplevel pdtlen variable triggers an Internal compiler error
DPD200415509 Fortran No ftz set when -fpe-all=0
DPD200415875 Fortran Invalid statement error at CONTAINS in 64-bit compiler only
DPD200416441 Fortran Submodules incorrectly access private derived type components
DPD200416571 Fortran Compilation error for private loop iteration variable not associated with omp SIMD
DPD200416572 Fortran Fortran compiler cannot find the end of "teams distribute parallel do simd"
DPD200588093 Fortran Feature support for !dir$ vector [no]mask_readwrite in Fortran

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