Processor Trace Sample of System Debugger within Intel® System Studio 2016

By Jong Il Park, Published: 09/02/2015, Last Updated: 09/01/2015


Intel® System Debugger 2016 is the complete system debug solution provides deep insight into memory and system configuration.

Key features of Intel® System Debugger 2016:

  • JTAG debug for Intel® Atom™, Core™, Xeon® & Quark™ SoC-based platforms
  • EFI/UEFI Firmware, bootloader debug, Linux* OS awareness
  • Dynamically loaded Linux kernel module debug
  • In depth visualization of memory configuration, system state and register sets
  • LBR & Intel® Processor Trace On-Chip instruction trace support
  • JTAG debug & instruction trace to Microsoft* WinDbg* kernel debugger
  • System Trace: System-wide hardware and software event trace

Intel® Processor Trace is the hardware based low overhead code execution logging on instruction level and provides a powerful and deep insight into past instruction flow combined with interactive debug.

Key features of Intel® Processor Trace:

  • Low-overhead execution tracing feature
  • Capturing information about software execution
  • Reconstruct the exact program flow

More Details are in the PDF file attached. (Please click link below.)

PDF FILE: Intel® System Studio – System Debugger – Processor Trace Sample

It consists of:

Overview of Intel® System Debugger and Processor Trace

    Details on Intel® System Debugger and Processor Trace

    Intel® Processor Trace Decoder Flow

Intel® System Debugger and Processor Trace Sample

    Test Environment


    Intel® Processor Trace Sample

Example: Intel® Processor Trace and Call Stack Saved in XDB via command console.


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