Intel® XDK - Discontinued

Published:11/01/2017   Last Updated:04/01/2020

Discontinued Product

The Intel® XDK was discontinued in 2017 and is no longer being actively developed or updated.

Below are alternative resources for building mobile HTML5 applications with Apache Cordova* software.

In addition, Intel offers a portfolio of tools to help IoT developers go from rapid prototyping to production. Try Arduino Create* for a streamlined prototyping experience and Intel® System Studio for an all-in-one development tool suite.


PhoneGap Build offers a tool called Hydration that is similar to the retired App Preview application that was part of the Intel XDK. In many ways the Hydration solution from Adobe* is superior to that which App Preview offered. The Hydration test container is based directly on your application and the Cordova plugins that make up your app project; unlike the generic App Preview container, which consisted of a fixed set of plugins and was built on a fixed Cordova version. Hydration uses your application and project plugins as the container, from which you can then quickly test incremental changes to your app's HTML5 code. This is a much more accurate debugging platform than that provided by the App Preview debug container.

Another Adobe* PhoneGap* alternative is the PhoneGap Desktop App and the PhoneGap Mobile App, which are members of the family of PhoneGap products. These tools are built on top of PhoneGap CLI, which is a compatible superset of Cordova CLI. They are designed to minimize your need to interact with the command-line and include some easy-to-use tools for quick preview on the desktop (similar to the Intel XDK Simulate tab) and for quick preview on your mobile device (à la App Preview). These tools are able to leverage PhoneGap Build, so it is not a requirement that you need a macOS* development system to build for iOS or a Windows system to build for Windows mobile. See the official PhoneGap getting started pages for additional help. 


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