Intel® Xeon® Processor MP: Enabling Powerful Enterprise Solutions

Published:01/27/2011   Last Updated:01/27/2011


The choice of the server/processor complex significantly affects the ability of data center managers to achieve their objectives. For example, the Intel® Xeon® processor for dual processing has provided many front-end systems with the power, flexibility, and availability needed for applications in this customer-facing tier. However, in mid-tier and back-end solutions, more processing power is often needed. Intel® Xeon® processor MP-based servers provide key resources that today's enterprise applications demand to improve performance, scalability, and availability where user requests aggregate in the mid-tier and to power database engines.

This document looks at the kinds of applications running in enterprise data centers and examines when (and why) the Intel Xeon processor MP best satisfies the demands of these high-end applications.

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