IoT Short Course Series Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

Published:12/10/2015   Last Updated:12/10/2015

Internet of Things Short Course Series
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá

The Administrative Department of Science, Technology, and Innovation and the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies in Colombia recently issued a challenge to academia to strengthen national competitiveness in IT. In response, the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá joined in a strategic alliance with Intel to advance the state of knowledge in Colombia about the Internet of Things (IoT). Michael A. Smith PhD, director of the Intel® Software Academic Program for IoT, worked with Diego Méndez, an assistant professor of electronics engineering at the university, Alejandro  Hernandez, an Intel Software Engineer, and Antonio F. Mondragón Torres, an Intel research scientist, to create an advanced IoT program consisting of four classes.

The courses target students who already hold degrees in IT-related fields and who have programming knowledge in modern languages such as C, Java*, or Python*. Below are links to the course outlines for each module:

  • Course 1: Principles for the Internet of Things introduces IoT concepts, including the use of sensors, microcontrollers, and the Intel® Galileo board
  • Course 2: Embedded Systems for the Internet of Things covers concepts of embedded and real-time computing, with a focus on taking advantage of the features of the Intel® Quark SoC. Click here for a list of recent participants
  • Course 3: Networking for the Internet of Things (Coming Soon) teaches networking concepts for IoT, including wireless sensor networks and IoT network protocols, as well as the use of Wind River Intelligent Device Platform XT with IoT gateways.
  • Course 4: Sensors for the Internet of Things (Coming Soon) explains potential usages associated with various IoT sensors, focusing particularly on bio-inspired sensors for health and fitness applications, as well as machine vision for security usages

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