Ivy Bridge Performance Workshop - Retired

Published: 08/15/2012, Last Updated: 03/20/2013


Ivy Bridge Performance Workshop

Intel Corporation

This sample has been retired as it either was developed for earlier generation hardware or the sample has been superseded by a newer sample with an advanced algorithm. The sample is still available for download if desired.

Features / Description

The Ivy Bridge Performance workshop is a workshop sample illustrating coding best practices for graphics performance on Ivy Bridge architecture. A D3D11 application renders a racing simulation within a stylized city scene. Multiple versions of the sample code are provided which implement progressive performance improvements. A tutorial leads the user through use of Intel Graphic Performance Analyzer tools to identify performance bottlenecks and quantify improvements for each optimization step.

Ivy Bridge Performance Workshop



March 2013 Update:

CityRacer came out of the box with some intentional performance problems and their solutions, to be identified and corrected through the course of the workshop.

Since the original sample was released, the Game Technology Development team have created a new cross-platform sample framework, to which we have ported the CityRacer sample. The new framework made it easy to add shadows, a feature desired in the original but that wouldn't quite fit in the performance envelope. Shadows make for both a more visually appealing and a more game-representative workload:

Original without shadows -vs- Update with shadows
original with no shadow update with shadow

With the new framework and the new features, a completely different set of performance optimizations present themselves. In the original, each optimization was controlled by a individual #ifdef compiler directive, requiring the user to re-compile for each optimization step. For the new version the various optimizations are controlled via checkboxes on the user interface. The user can still examine the source code changes for each of the optimizations, but it's no longer mandatory - flipping the checkbox applies the optimization interactively. The original version focused entirely on frame-rate performance, but this version also recognizes the increasing importance of power management by including a power optimization that can be observed in real time via the Intel GPA System Analyzer tool. The updated CityRacer source zip file is available for download. (Note that this is just a source code update.)

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