JWIPC AI-Ready Vision Kit for Smart Manufacturing FAQ

Published:01/29/2020   Last Updated:01/29/2020

1. What is the JWIPC AI-Ready Vision Kit for Smart Manufacturing?

The JWIPC AI-Ready Vision Kit for Smart Manufacturing is a partner led RFP* Ready Kit (RRK) built by JWIPC that features Industrial Edge Insights Software (EIS) from Intel. It has a Intel® Core™ i7 processor.
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2. Where can I get the kit in the market and how much it can cost?

For cost inquiries and requests for purchase, please contact World Peace Industrial Group (WPI) sales division here. WPI is the system integrator for JWIPC.

You can also contact the sales JWIPC representative (Li Fengcheng) by email here or by phone +86-13640988196.

3. What operating system is running on this kit?

The AI Ready Vision Kit for Smart manufacturing comes preloaded with either Ubuntu* 16.04 (EIS v1.0) or Ubuntu* 18.04 (EIS v1.5).
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4. How many cameras does JWIPC RRK support?

The number of cameras supported depends on the version of EIS preloaded. Version 1.02 of EIS enables the kit to ingest data from one camera at 30 fps only. The EIS v1.5 supports multiple camera channels with up to 30 total fps JPEG images (~1MB). The maximum number of cameras are limited by the overall ingestion frame rate and also the image size and frame rate of each camera. For example, the kit supports 6 cameras with 5 fps for each camera; or 5 cameras with 30 fps for each camera.

5. How did Intel participate in building this product?

Intel partnered with JWIPC to provide factory manufactured, China Compulsory Certificated options for Industrial environments and supporting use cases such as defect detection of products. Intel provided EIS and guidance on the hardware design in order to optimize data ingestion, data storage and data management scenarios in heavy manufacturing environments.

6. What is Industrial Edge Insights Software from Intel?

Industrial Edge Insights Software (EIS) is developed by Intel as a reference design for vision and insights products. EIS integrates data ingestion, data storage, data analytics, and data transmission modules in a secure and optimized arrangement. Please check the JWIPC official website here.

7. Where can I find the documentation for Edge Insights Software installed on the kit?

The user guide on the EIS 1.5 is here.

8. How do I report issues on JWIPC RRK?

For reporting issues and requests for support please contact the System Integrator (SI) which supplied you with your JWIPC AI Ready Vision Kit for Smart Manufacturing, or JWIPC directly, JWIPC’s representative (Li Fengcheng) by email here or by phone +86-13640988196

9. Where can I get JWIPC RRK?

For inquiries on buying JWIPC kit (worldwide), please check JWIPC official website here.

You can also contact the sales JWIPC representative (Li Fengcheng) by email here or by phone +86-13640988196.

10. Where do I find more information on JWIPC kit?

For developers’ kit details please refer to this.

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