Intel® Level Up Contest 2017 – FAQ

Published: 02/21/2017, Last Updated: 08/01/2017

Intel Wants to Help You Level Up!


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to enter the contest?
If you are 18 years or older, you are eligible to enter the contest. This is a worldwide contest, with some restrictions. Please read the contest terms and conditions for the details.
I've changed my approved entry and it disappeared. What happened?
When you update or modify your entry, it will need to go back through our approval process before we post it. Be patient—it will reappear after our approval.
How are winners selected?
A group of Intel application engineers who work with game developers on optimizing their upcoming titles will narrow the field of playable game demos to a set of finalists. We have a panel of respected game industry external judges who will review the finalists. They will play and evaluate the game demos on a system that matches our target PC platform specifications. They will then select the winners based on the criteria outlined in the official rules.
Do I have to provide the source code for my game? Who owns the intellectual property (IP) for the game and the demo?
We want you to have a successful business model with your game, which is why this is a game DEMO contest. You retain all rights to your intellectual property, and you do not have to send us the source code. Submission of a demo will only assign to Intel the right to promote and distribute the demos—we'll post them on the contest website, show them at trade shows, conferences, etc. All winning game demos will also be shown for ninety (90) days on the Steam* Game Demo pages. These are all great ways to increase the exposure of your demo, and hopefully drive sales of your final commercial game title / product.
Can my company, group, or educational class submit an entry together?
Yes, but only one person or corporate entity will be awarded prizes, for tax purposes. Plan ahead and consult a financial advisor, if you require tax advice.
What are the deadlines for the competition?
Full details are in the official rules. You must submit your game demo through the contest website by May 9, 2017, at 11:59 PM (U.S. Pacific Time).
Considering that there are a lot of professional game developers out there, what are the chances that an indie, student, or hobbyist like me will win?
The chances are very good. AAA developers often have exclusive deals for distribution of their game demos, or they have an existing technology relationship with Intel that would disqualify them from the contest. We expect, and hope, that the vast majority of our entries will be from small developers and student groups.
Can Intel® Software Partners enter this contest?
All Intel® Software Partners are eligible to enter the contest. However, you are not eligible to enter if your company has received direct assistance from Intel engineers in the form of site visits and meetings with your developers. This is to ensure fairness and a level playing field for all contest participants.
Can you provide any additional resources that can help me develop my game demo?
Yes! This was a common request from prior contests. Visit the contest site throughout the coming months for links to gaming resources and developer communities. You should also bring items you’d like to discuss into the discussion forum that we’ve set up especially for our contest participants. Get feedback from your peers and Intel engineers. Also, be sure to visit our Game Development website to get free access to developer guides, tools, and code samples for the Intel® Core™ processor family and Intel® HD Graphics. One particular tool to note is the Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers product suite, which provides a complete toolkit for analyzing and optimizing your game applications.
Can we use an open source game engine to create the game?
Yes, the only requirement is that you have the right to distribute the finished product. If the open source code also requires distribution of source code, make sure you are in compliance.
Are developers from other countries allowed to enter this contest? Are there any other special requirements?
Yes, see the official rules for a detailed list of eligible countries. But make sure that your game demo uses English as the language for the text, visual, and audio elements so that it can be understood and played by our judges and by our community members worldwide.
If I am a winner in the contest, what are the next steps in entering into a distribution contract with Green Man Gaming* on their online gaming portal?
A representative from Green Man Gaming will contact the winners and review the requirements for entering into the distribution contract and having your game sold on Green Man Gaming. You will need to transform your game demo into a full game title and meet the Green Man Gaming requirements for any game that is sold on their portal.
Who can I contact for further questions?
Post to the contest forum, or contact us at

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