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Published: 01/12/2012, Last Updated: 01/12/2012

Service Oriented Enterprise: An Architect's View
This presentation introduces some of the emergent technologies and architecture such as SOA, Grid, and Virtualization under the umbrella of Service Oriented Enterprise (SOE). Topics covered include the Service Oriented Enterprise Framework and its components: SOA, SOM, SOI. Learn how technology innovations developed by Intel and its industry partners can provide a model for deployment of the SOE Enterprise. (60MB)

Enterprise Benchmarking Primer
This NetSeminar is designed for decision makers, to demystify "enterprise benchmarking." Topics include: characteristics of a good benchmark, common enterprise benchmarks, how to select a relevant benchmark, how to use a benchmark for decision making while avoiding the common pitfalls, how to benchmark your new "virtualized infrastructure environment" that uses virtual machines and virtualization technologies, Intel® software tools available to help you with your enterprise benchmarking initiatives, and a review of available industry vertical specific benchmarks. (54MB)

Developing for Faster Applications: An Overview
In this NetSeminar, learn about the questions you need to ask before you begin optimizing an application, and find out direct ways to get those questions answered. Specific focus is on CPU utilization and I/O dependencies, and a review of a case study that shows how the necessary data is gathered and put to successful use. Another case study shows the methodology used in gradually applying new optimization methods to a benchmark which results in cumulative speedups on different problem sizes. Topics include: Benefits of Optimization, Optimization Methodologies, and Tools which can improve application performance. (40MB)

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