Open Source Contributor FAQ

Published:03/10/2015   Last Updated:07/14/2017

Intel provides qualified open source contributors working on open source projects, compliant with the Open Source Initiative (OSI), select Intel® Software Development Products at no cost

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Who does Intel consider an open source contributor?
Developers making source contributions to open source projects. The open source project must provide significant software application capabilities in science, engineering, business, or other areas of computing.
What does the Non-Commercial license allow?
The Non-Commercial license allows you to use Intel(R) Software Development Products for any of your development needs as long you are not compensated in any form for the products, software and/or services developed. Please refer to the End-User License Agreement for the terms of the Non-Commercial license.
How long can I use the software? 
The Open Source Contributor program gives you user rights for a 12 month period. After that, all you have to do is reapply again for access to the latest release and another full year of use.
Is support included with the Open Source Contributor program?
Yes. You may seek technical support from Intel community user forums that are followed by expert users. However, your license is not eligible for Priority Customer support at the Online Service Center. Please visit our Get Help page for all support options.
I have questions about the Open Source Contributor program, who do I contact?
Please send your questions to We do our best to respond to all communications.

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