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Published: 02/05/2013   Last Updated: 02/05/2013

The Revolution Goes Virtual
Among the most noteworthy successes of open-source development, virtualization solutions deployed on x86-based servers have revolutionized large-scale enterprise computing and established a straightforward path to cloud computing. To make it easier for organizations to design, develop, and deploy solutions using open virtualization hypervisors, Intel produces reference architectures, works closely with standards bodies—such as the Open Data Center Alliance and Open Virtualization Alliance—and contributes to many open-source projects that advance virtualization technology.

Working both upstream and downstream, Intel collaborates on projects to refine and develop open-source virtualization code, including KVM, Xen*, OpenStack*, and Linux*, and works with the top companies that are setting the pace in the industry: Canonical, Citrix, Red Hat, SUSE, and others. Code enhancements and innovative solution designs have elevated open-source virtualization to a level competitive with the best proprietary solutions, emphasizing performance, scalability, security, and power efficiency in cost-effective packages.



The State of the Open Source Cloud 2012
A survey of IT operations specialists conducted by Zenoss, Oct. 2012.


Server Refresh with Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2690 and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
Continued enhancements to Intel platforms and KVM-based Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization make platform refresh an attractive proposition. Find out when to make the move.

Migrating Server Workloads to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization on Intel® Xeon® Processor 2600-based Servers
A new study from Principled Technologies finds a substantial increase in middleware performance when migrating from previous-generation bare metal to virtualized environments.

Open Source on Intel Architecture Enables Web Innovation, the largest cloud services provider in China, increased server utilization by a factor of 2X, using the optimizations built into the open source Xen hypervisor for the Intel Xeon processor E5 family.

Creating Automated Hosting Services: iWeb Leverages Open Source on Intel Architecture
Using open source software on Intel processors, iWeb, one of the largest internet/cloud hosting providers in Canada, creates affordable, reliable, and scalable Internet host infrastructure solutions within shortened development cycles.

Solution Selling Based on Open Source: Finessing Code to Meet Custom Requirements
Using the latest open source components, MJP Technologies quickly and cost-effectively crafts customer solutions that meet a wider range of requirements.

Open Virtualization Overview Brief
Learn how open virtualization solutions enable businesses to improve utilization, increase availability, and achieve greater agility—with greater flexibility—all at lower costs.

KVM: The Rise of Open Enterprise-Class Virtualization
With the support of the Open Virtualization Alliance and key open-source communities, the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) is now a viable enterprise-class virtualization alternative with significant benefits.

Case Studies

The KVM Solution: Three Government Agencies Adopt Open Virtualization
KVM-based solutions delivered increased performace and scalability along with substantial cost savings for government agencies in Malaysia.


The Open Virtualization Alliance and KVM
Listen to members of the Open Virtualization Alliance share thoughts on why KVM is strategic for their enterprises.

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