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Published: 12/07/2012, Last Updated: 12/07/2012

Wind River is an independent, wholly-owned subsidiary of Intel that helps companies develop, run, and manage device software faster, at lower cost, and more reliably. It offers commercial products based on open-source components and distributions, including Linux* and Eclipse*. Long-standing collaboration between Wind River and Intel included the creation of a platform for mobile Internet devices. They also joined forces with automotive industry leaders to create an open in-vehicle infotainment platform based on mobile Linux.


Wind River Advances Open Source Leadership with Introduction of Yocto Project*–Based Embedded Linux Platform
Broad industry support of the Yocto Project helps advance Linux for embedded systems.

Wind River Introduces Fourth Generation of Market-leading Commercial Linux* Platform
The new release of Wind River Linux 4 supports the newly released Kernel 2.6.34+.



Wind River Linux* 4 Product Overview
This product overview provides a two-page look at Wind River Linux 4 features and benefits.

Wind River Linux 4 Product Note
The product note offers a seventeen-page technical deep dive into Wind River Linux 4, including a complete listing of packages.

The Real Cost of Roll Your Own (free registration required)
This white paper discusses the hidden costs of free Linux*.

The Power of Wind River Linux Layers (free registration required)
Wind River Linux build system and the layers feature independently manage unique parts of the device software.

Carrier Grade Linux: High Service Availability for the Next-Generation Network (free registration required)
This white paper provides an overview of Wind River’s implementation of the Carrier Grade Linux standard.

Linux for In-Vehicle Systems: A Strategic Platform (free registration required)
This paper provides an overview of the collaboration between Wind River and Intel to build an open automotive infotainment platform.

Power State Management in Automotive Linux (free registration required)
This paper discusses how Linux and open-source technologies can deliver power state management solutions for infotainment devices.

Graphical User Interface Resources in Linux for Automotive (free registration required)
This paper offers open-source options to support rich user interfaces in infotainment devices.

Multimedia Resources in Linux for Automotive (free registration required)
This paper discusses how open-source technologies can provide multimedia resources for in-vehicle devices.

Case Studies

Wind River Linux Customer Success Snapshots
Read how several leading, innovative companies are leveraging Wind River Linux platforms to stay ahead in the explosive device marketplace.



The Yocto Project*: Transforming the Way You Work with Linux
Together with Intel, Freescale, Texas Instruments and others, Wind River helps revolutionize Linux for embedded systems through the Yocto Project.

Webinar: The Real Costs of Roll-Your-Own Linux*
Alex DeVries, Principal Technologist with Wind River’s Linux Product Division, and Sven Dummer, Wind River Product Line Manager for Linux and open-source, describe some of the hidden issues that arise and add to operating costs associated with non-commercial Linux* implementations.

Wind River Workbench* Demonstration
This interactive demonstration shows off the capabilities of the Wind River Workbench collection of tools. Based on the Eclipse* platform, Wind River Workbench accelerates time-to-market for developers building devices with VxWorks* and Wind River Linux.

Wind River Linux Carrier Grade Linux Solutions
This video provides a discussion of Carrier Grade Linux (CGL), including its origins, capabilities, and suitability for specific implementations. It contrasts CGL with enterprise Linux before describing how Wind River CGL solutions differentiate themselves in the market.

Wind River Linux Platform for Mobile Internet Devices
Jason Whitmire, General Manager of Mobile Handsets at Wind River, discusses Mobile Internet Devices, the new Wind River Linux Platform for Mobile Internet Devices announced at Computex 2008, and the open-source version of the platform which will be available through


Wind River Support for Next Generation Intel® Atom™ Processor with Intel I/O Hub
Wind River on-board embedded development kits for Tunnel Creek will be available in late 2010.

Wind River Linux Products
Wind River Linux contains all the features and hardware support needed in a broad variety of industries and device types.

Product and Performance Information


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