Tutorial: Unlock Intel® GPU capabilities with Intel OpenCL™ Extensions

By Jeffrey McAllister,

Published:05/23/2017   Last Updated:05/22/2017

Download tutorial code and GPU compute samples media data:

IWOCL_2017_Tutorial.tgz (110.95 MB)

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Based on an IWOCL 2017 tutorial Unlock Intel GPUs for High Performance Compute, Media and Computer Vision.  



Intel provides many extensions to the Khronos OpenCL™ standard to help you utilize the full range of hardware capabilities.  

  • Subgroups
  • Video Motion Estimation (VME)
  • VEBox

These extensions are not standalone.  They build upon each other.


The tutorial code focuses on subgroups, VME, and VEBox.  Image processing and sharing extensions are also used in the tutorials code as solution components.

For more information on Intel extensions: /content/www/us/en/develop/articles/opencl-intel-graphics-extensions.html



Intel subgroups are 

  • subset of a work group
  • equal to the SIMD width (8,16,or 32)
  • in the same hardware thread of the EU
  • share thread resources (including register space)
  • execute together 

Intel subgroup functions add

  • barrier, broadcast, reduce, scan 
  • shuffle
  • block read/write

More info: Spec


Video Motion Estimation (VME)

Intel Gen GPUs accelerate the search for motion in video.  This is a core codec component but can also be used in a wide range of applications from custom bitrate control to computer vision.



Intel GPUs contain a specialized IP block designed for video enhancement operations.


For more info:


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